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heartburnron: Just completed Broforce. Been playing the campaign with my 4 & 5 year olds boys over the last year and have to say this is the most fun we've had with any local multi-player game (albeit there aren't that many around). It's just so crazy and intense all the time although the boys get very excited playing it and the sessions get really loud so half an hour at a time was enough for me sandwiched in the middle of them! There's a brilliant feeling of camaraderie though, especially when you've been stuck on a level for ages and one of you, with the end flag in sight, speed runs - jumping and shooting like a manic trying to reach the ladder dangling below the helicopter which signifies completing the level - queue the awesome electric guitar music and high fives all round. Pure gameplay. Pure fun. 10/10
It's on the top of my playlist so it's good to know I can expect a lot of fun, thanks. As soon as I finish my apartment of course... ;)
Beat Old World Blues for the second time yesterday.
magejake50: Had no internet the last few days but finished a few games in that time.

Alone in the Dark

Very similar to Resident Evil except you fight things other than zombies based on Lovecraft's work such as: Some kind of bird thing, a giant worm, a backflipping pirate and a fire breathing tree with a face. The game is short, and features many insta-death scenario's. You play one of two characters, one who will end the game happily ever after, and one who will get dragged into further situations in the sequels. The game relies on you having to solve puzzles to defeat enemies, as a decent amount of them can only be killed a certain way, this often requires you finding some notes saying "X is defeated by Y", then looking for Y whilst avoiding X, then killing X. There are some bugs, the bow is essentially useless as you can throw arrows to achieve the same effect, and there is a lot of backtracking, especially at the end. It's an example of one of the first survival horror games... but the first of a genre is rarely the best, but at least they're still enjoyable years later. I'd recommend this game and it's available on GOG.
I recently picked up all the Alone in the Dark games as I missed them the first time around and being a big fan of horror I wanted to see what the early games in the genre were like. Good to know it still holds up - I intend to get to them soon.
PaterAlf: Card City Nights
It was a good tabletop game, but in the end it was too long and the battles got repetitive. There isn't much strategy involved. You need a good deck, but defensive cards are mostly useless and you'll have far more success with an agressive deck with lots of good attack cards and some revive cards. You'll get these cards very early (at least when you are lucky) and so I hardly changed my deck after the first quarter of the game. The only thing that was hard was the final boss battle, because it's created very unfair and the opponent is allowed to cheat. Had to adjust my deck for that fight and it took some tries to find the right combination (and even then I needed some luck).

The story is quite funny and the characters are quirky and likeable. Music was good too.
I finished this while ago and enjoyed it for what it was until the final boss really soured me on it. The entire point of a card game is that we both play by the same rules even if our decks are unevenly built. Being caught cheating means instantly losing because otherwise you might as well declare a checkmate by yahtzee since now the rules don't apply to you anyway. It could have been cool had it been a match where you need to out-cheat each other without getting caught, but as it is it was a very disappointing capstone to an otherwise fun little game.
The Book of Unwritten Tales (GOG)

A competent point and click adventure game with a tongue in cheek fantasy theme. Obviously heavily inspired by Pratchett, even with a few direct references.
The artwork is excellent, the music is good as well, as are the English language voice actors (I think it's a German game originally). The humor is a bit hit or miss, it's not quite as funny as it's trying to be and delves too deeply into referencing and making fun of already established fantasy tropes. But it's definitely a charming game.

Most importantly the puzzles never bogged me down. These days i lack the patience to sit there staring at the same static screens trying to figure some illogical puzzle. Long gone are the 90's where I fully solved games like Simon the Sorcerer, Noctropolis, Gabriel Knight without walkthroughs. These days 30 minutes is about my limit on being stuck and heading for an online clue! But this game I completed without any help, though some puzzles towards the end came close. Basically if you talk to everyone and look at everything and then go back and do it again you should eventually work things out with a bit of lateral thinking. Though the constant backtracking to a lot of locations got wearisome and dragged things down bit.

It's not quite up there with my favorites of the genre like Gabriel Knight, Black Dahlia etc, but it was enjoyable enough so that I'll be playing follow up "The Critter Chronicles" next time I feel like some point and clicking.
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I brought Alan Wake just in time before it was removed from the store, i must say it was quite a while that i wanted to play it, and it's one of the games that convinced me to start gaming on pc too, i ended it a while ago and i must say... I'm not disappointed but I'm not too satisfied either. There's so much good, like the atmosphere and the background lore/mystery is amazing, but the really bad and overused gameplay just destroys the game (i mean if you're not concentrating in the gameplay then don't make the game so much action oriented) also possessed fridges and trains... really?
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Finished Jade Empire, didn't take as long as I thought it would. Was an okay game, the plot was not bad I guess. The setting was something else and the battle system too, but apparently not enough to make me fall in love with the game. I must say I liked Mass Effect (and even Dragon Age) better than JE.
Epistory - Typing Chronicles. Really beautiful game, has that aura of the handcrafted love for detail which helps with immersion and emotion whilst complementing the subtle storytelling cues. It's also really fun to play and the exploration is not tedious but exciting. I don't really know why it reminded me of Zelda, maybe because of the world building and different areas the game presents. Really nice and chill adventure.
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Finished Police Quest 4 a few days ago.I really like 1-3, but 4...I absolutely didn't like it. Had to force myself through it and I sunk to using a walkthrough to get through the last half of it.


Doing QFG4 right now. Never beaten that one before and so far I am absolutely loving it.
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PS3)

Ah Kingdom Hearts, where each sequel makes the lore even more complicated and ends up on a different console. They also change the combat system in each game, this one removes mp and focuses on using more special attacks and magic. You play as 3 characters: Terra, whose goddamn slow and constantly has really quick, teleporting enemies, Ventus, who uses quick attacks and Aqua who uses mostly magic. There are 9 different worlds but each character has a different experience, going to different individual areas and fighting different bosses. Once you beat the game with each character you unlock a final mission that completes the game. There were a few annoying things, the difference between doing almost no damage and doing decent damage can be 2 levels, several bosses have combo's where they can effectively 1 shot you and I think the final bosses rely too much on blocking then counter attacking, especially the final boss for Terra. Overall it was a good game, but I still think KH2 is the best in the series.
The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav. This was an enjoyable adventure game. It's very story-oriented, with the characters quickly moving from one new setting to another, each just a few screens instead of a large single area, so it's relatively easy for the genre. Fortunately the story isn't bad and the characters are likable. There is one section of the game in which it expands a bit and makes you stick around a spot longer to solve a few tougher puzzles, and although I appreciated this (it's a pretty creative section), I was so used to the game's rhythm by the time it happens that I felt like it sort of threw off the pacing. That's just a nitpick, though.

The painted graphics are so beautiful, although it's a bit jarring when you start playing and find that the animation is rather less ambitious. You get used to it, though. The voice acting is pretty good.
Bioshock Infintie Buried at Sea DLC.

Has there every been a better DLC release for a game than this? The story and how it ties it all back to the original Bioshock game is pure genius even if I did need the help of a Youtube guide to fully understand it all. This was my second time playing through it and I enjoyed even more this time. Such a shame Irrational games won't be working on any more Bioshock games - will we ever get a game with a story as well written as Bioshock and Infinite ever again? 10/10
Aviary Attorney

It's an Ace Attorney-like VN, with an unusual setting: you're actually what the title says, a bird! Game was quite good, since the setting (Paris before another revolution), the art (19th century-like drawings, absolutely magnificent, like seeing a game by Gustave Doré himself!) and the bGM (Camille Saint-Saëns!) were really mastered to blend perfectly together.

My main grief with this game is that... I definitely want more! So I hope I'll be able to play again as JayJay Falcon, attorney extraordinaire, one of these days, preferably soon!

So far in 2017:
The Order: 1886

So, just finished this game and well... setting, story, acting, graphics, audio etc., that stuff is absolutely top-notch, but gameplay-wise it's some seriously weak shit. Of course I knew from all the reviews that gameplay-wise it's medicore but dang, people have said that about a number of games I've really enjoyed, like Dark Void, Fracture or Kane & Lynch, but here it's simply true. Modern third-person shooters have been around for a while now, it shouldn't be too hard to make a really good one with the kind of budget they had for The Order. Alas, the game suffers from serious pacing issues, tunnel level design, boring enemies, the list goes on. In the end it feels like little more than a rail shooter, and not a particularly exciting one at that. Too bad, because the story deserved a much better game.
I remember Gobliiins like really difficult game from my childhood. Now I must say, that it is average adventure game with many illogical puzzles. Unfortuantelly usually I did not know what is expected from me. What should I achieve? Later, when I finished level I found out, that something you must try and it must cost you energy (life) - there is not other way.