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0.412.0 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- most significant systems you can install have mass now and will affect handling of your ship
- AI will use drones only when it's mining and won't casually steal your ore when just flying by
- purchases and sales done during a dive are now recorded in ship logs
- added reset button to gamma slider in settings and adjusted the helper image to be more helpful

Feedback Focus: New mass balance. The system mass is designed in a way that preserves stock configuration of ships, but your modifications can result in much heavier or much lighter builds. Not every system has mass associated with it yet, they will be added in following patch, assuming we are happy with the current balance. Mass is currently listed only in EN language files - it will be propagated when we are sure the values are okay.
0.415.5 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- autopilot comfort mode is now disabled in upgrade simulations, giving accurate accelerations for full burns
- several fixes for events where you send your crew over to a derelict ship to try to claim them, including the ship shutting down on failure, crew being in transit longer than the ship and ships having no chance to explode on botched recovery
- updated translations and fixed some typos
- fixes for "looking for child" crew quest which could lock up with certain chain of events
- made the augmented reality overlay on EIME HUD darker
- floodlight in EIME's cargo bay will not illuminate dust and plasma that flows above the closed cargo bay anymore.

Feedback Focus: Still looking mainly for feedback on newly added upgrade mass and how it affects your gameplay.
0.415.7 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- you can't hire dead people anymore
- gravimetric overlay on LIDAR for K37, Cothon and Eagle is now scaled precisely to match the LIDAR display
- in some cases "missing child" quest could get stuck

Feedback Focus: Still looking for feedback on new system mass mechanics - need more data (or just plain approvals) in order to move it to the default branch.
0.416.7 hit experimental branch, with:
- updated translations
- there was a chance of game crash when ship exited the simulation range
- AI, including mining companions, will not be confused if ore just happens to fly their way
- hacking outcome could repeat itself multiple times
- you get a Diving Licence achievement even if you finished the tutorial in the Demo version
- performance improvements for asteroids shattered off-screen
- your ship cannot be damaged if you have no control over it because a cutscene triggered
- changed salary and leave time display for your hired crew to not list exact second when the deed is due, relying on date instead
- game will now properly handle your crew returning from sick leave if you hired a replacement
- Obonto habitats won't trade with you remotely even if you triggered astrogation cutcene *just right* to get them catch you as the screen fades out

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. This version is all bugfixes, so assuming there are no regressions it gets fast-tracked to default branch later today. Please report any changes that feel worse than in current public branch.
0.418.6 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- pause menu is not affected by automatic exposure anymore
- fine-tuned automatic exposure and post-processing color filters
- ARM positional lights won't turn themselves on if you adjust light settings mid-flight
- pirates won't open fire on you shortly after asking for truce
- hitting beak or excavator with weapon fire now counts as hostile action
- changed the way AI handles emotions
- afterimage of synchrotron discharge won't persist permanently if you press charge key immediately after discharging
- synchrotron discharge brightness depends on charge put into the shot
- updated translations

Feedback Focus: The biggest change in this version is the way AI changes their emotion. The faction/individual disposition code was adjusted to work more like a person would actually react. This affects gameplay in multiple ways and feedback focus for this version is mostly "do NPC react to your actions the way you expect them, and if not why not". Visual colouring changes are cosmetic, but I'd also like to hear if you like them or not.

0.418.7 hits experimental, with:
- tooltips for settings / controls menu
- new firmware for Superconductive Magnetic Energy Storage systems better suited for ring-mining use

Feedback Focus: Performance of SMES systems.
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0.419.0 comes into the experimental branch, featuring Dynamic Temporal Simulation Simplification.
It's a fancy name for a system that detects when your physics simulation framerate is set above what your computer can handle in given situation, and tones this setting down automatically. Normally exceeding your simulation capacity will result in large lag spikes, as your CPU will struggle to compute physics state as the game time progresses, but a temporary decrease in simulation resolution (aka. the framerate) will allow it to catch up and should result in overall smoother experience.

You can disable this option in your setting / details menu at any time.

Feedback Focus: Performance, especially comparing DTSS turned on and off.
0.420.0 hits experimental branch, featuring new Godot Engine version 3.4!
This version doesn't use any of the new features yet, but should come with all the new bugfixes and performance improvements. The aim for this release is to check if everything works okay with this version of the engine, and once we are certain it does we'll proceed to use the new shiny features implemented in 3.4.

Specific things to look out for:
- stability, especially on Linux and Mac - which I can't test very well due to limited hardware
- are the memory leaks on Radeon cards addressed
- performance in general. I think I noticed some shader compilation hiccups (a brief lag spike when an SFX shows itself for the very first time)
- memory leaks

I didn't encounter any game-breaking issues, but just in case - back up your saves. I'm looking both for feedback on things broken as well as "all green" feedback - need that to figure out when to move into implementing new features.
0.420.1 hits experimental branch, featuring first batch of new features from Godot Engine 3.4:
- high quality glow shader
- improved precision of physics collisions
- cache for shaders

Feedback Focus: This patch should resolve a number of issues caused by collisions with small objects, such as ore or bodies clipping through ship hulls. The improved precision comes with performance cost, which I hope will not be too big. Please report both poor physics performance as well as any clipping weirdness.
0.420.3 hits experimental branch, with 3.4 related hotfixes:
- fall back to previous collision detection algorithm, as a bug in 3.4's BVH implementation breaks hypervelocity impacts (mass drivers)
- fixes jerk of your ship name during "approaching the rings" cutscene

Feedback Focus: Any other quirks that could emerge with 3.4.
0.421.3 hits the experimental fan, with:
- re-balanced synchrotron: lower maximum charge, higher minimum charge, titled
- added parallax effect to background starfield
- fixed clipping labels on K37 HUD
- new translations

Feedback Focus: New synchrotron balance.
0.422.0 hit experimental branch, featuring:
- mouse sensitivity and zoom sensitivity sliders (in settings/controls)
- Vilcy will now leave you alone when you tell them to
- Big Bad Wolf will not follow your ship constantly when you have a good standing with bounty hunters
- updated translations

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. With all the new goodies, enhancements, performance boosts and settings I think it's about time to release it for general public. Please report anything that could stop us.
0.422.6 hits experimental branch, with behind-the-scenes ARM changes.
Code for all manipulators - salvage, docking, cradles - was adjusted to make them behave more consistently in low-fps environments. You should no-longer see your ship wiggle at Enceladus, and hopefully arms wont yeet small objects you approach to at low velocities.

Feedback Focus: All ARM behaviour, as the entire codebase for all kinds of manipulators was changed. Please report anything off with any of the arms, docks or cradles.
0.423.0 hits the experimental branch, featuring:
- fixed scale of EMP sparks on EIME hull
- HUD of EIME is now darker and does not obscure background so much
- fusion reactor will no-longer start emergency shutdown when your ships is hit by microwaves or EMP
- auxiliary power systems are now counted towards total power balance in upgrade menu
- added missing rocks to point defense upgrade simulation
- dealer will now display promotional video and ship preview even if you disable background animations in settings
- more AR1500 fixes

Feedback Focus: The most significant change in this build is the new safety protocol for fusion reactors, which makes EIME much more robust. I'm looking for feedback from EIME captains on new performance of their ship.
0.424.3 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- when replacement of a system is cheaper than it's repair, the repair price will still be shown
- fixed a conversation system bug that could make some choices not available at random
- added detailed dialogue debug logs

Feedback Focus: If you ever encounter a dialogue which seems to go nowhere, please report with logs. They will now contain sufficient data to fix it.
0.425.0 hits the experimental branch, featuring:
- fixed Steam leaderboards reporting, which could cause application freezes
- separate controls for ambient audio volume
- expanded "missing child" quest, taking into account other possible resolutions with creative use of your hardware
- finishing the quest while offline will grant you the achievement next time you start the game
- updated translations
- improved precision of physics collision detection by 25% to avoid bodies intersecting your hull.

Feedback Focus: Physics performance. Increased precision always can come with performance penalty, and while I did not detect any, I'd like to hear reports of performance on your systems.