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0.403.5 just hit experimental branch, with following fixes:
- decreased memory usage - game could use multiple gigabytes of memory in certain circumstances, now it should not take more than 500MB
- removed lag spikes when new ships were spawning
- transponders on your LIDAR screen are now affected by "damaged computer" shader effect

Feedback Focus: Stability. Decreased memory usage should remove out-of-memory crashes. If you had crashes with 0.403.4 or earlier, I would appreciate both reports of still having crashes (meaning they were not memory related) or not having them anymore (meaning they were).
0.403.6 just hit experimental branch, fixing:
- overheat damage on your HUD could exceed 100%, which caused much more visual distortion than it should
- comms system was confused when you got two messages in short succession which broke scrolling of the comms
- some branches in the Vilcy dialogue tree were missing and in some cases you could not get a drop point coordinates even if you had prisoners

Feedback Focus: With all the new enhancements this is a release candidate. We are in feature freeze until we manage to find and fix all the bugs, at which point this build would go public.
0.403.10 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- Updated translations.
- Re-balanced SMES power delivery. SMES Auxiliary power systems will now deliver double the charge they used to.
- Visually fizzling thrusters. Rockets that have insufficient thermal energy to fire will now visually fizzle.
- Fixed unit error in Auxiliary power MPD generator thermal consumption which caused them to consume much more thermal power than they should.
- Fixed a bug that caused dialogue to be interrupted if you docked to a station during conversation.
- Removed white flash at the start of each ringdive.
- Fixed a bug that could cause crash to desktop if you astrogated near a friendly ship which tried to follow you.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. Please report anything that is worse than in our public branch.
0.404.0 can not be found in experimental branch. It features re-balanced energy damage:
- All the energy damage is now decoupled from framerate.
- Computers are much more resilient to both thermal and EMP damage, being able to survive couple of seconds of concentrated fire before they give away.
- Hitting a ship with microwaves won't shut down it's computer immediately, but few seconds of concentrated fire will.

Feedback Focus: Energy damage effects, computer resilience.
0.405.0 hit experimental branch, featuring:
- tuneable microwave emitters
- tuning a weapon system will now display a boresight overlay
- adjusted the ringstorms to be more spectacular

Feedback Focus: New microwave tuning.
Friday wildcard 0.405.6 comes to experimental branch, featuring:
- different camera zoom response curve
- camera on Enceladus won't snap back to origin when you upgrade or change your ship
- you could zoom camera during cutscenes using PgUp/PdDown keys
- game could crash when you installed NDCI autopilot on certain systems
- race condition could cause simulation ship in tuning and upgrade menus to have no reaction mass
- fixed certain autopilot HUD elements being off-centered if you increased HUD size in settings
- adjusted starting positions for cameras

Feedback Focus: Cameras changed, a lot. Should be much more responsive, but also should not fight you if you set them up in certain way. Let me know how you like them now.
0.406.0 hit experimental branch, with:
- new geologist mineral vein map
- astrogation countdown won't fade away when you are performing in-ring jump anymore

Feedback Focus: New geologist mineral vein map.
0.407.1 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- dialogue system is now aware of combat situation, so patrols should no-longer say silly things like "everything seems quiet" when in middle of a firefight
- Vilcy patrols will now be aware of a state of their HQ and won't send you out to it if it's not available
- dialogue reply buttons cannot be selected now when they are not visible yet
- autopilot overlay will now display below the controls of K37s HUD
- removed obsolete debug options from ships camera code
- selecting mineral on geologist map will highlight its symbol

Feedback Focus: Dialogues in dangerous situations, especially with Vilcy.
0.407.3 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- physics engine fine-tuning in attempt to fix baffle physics instability bug
- fixed railgun and coilgun sparks playing at the edge of the screen long after the bullet shattered

Feedback Focus: Physics stability. With two new reports of cargo bay baffles causing problems with physics again, this version contains series of patches designed to mitigate that. Unfortunately, the testing process is tedious as it takes few hours of gameplay to trigger the event. Most reliable way to trigger the problem I found is to install cargo baffles, set physics FPS to 30 and attempt to fill the ship to the brim with ore. Be on lookout of one of the baffles disappearing on your cargo scanner. When it does and you and you switch physics FPS up to 60 or more, you should experience phantom spin of the vehicle caused by undefined physics state. Or rather - you should not experience that, if fixes I applied are correct. I know I did not in few hours of testing, but this needs more to be truly confirmed as a fix.
0.408.0 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- additional bounty hunting interactions
- cleaned-up bounty hunter dialogue trees, removing some dead branches

Feedback Focus: Hunting bounties.
0.409.0 hits experimental branch with new upgrade - External Impact Absorber. A cradle mounted hunk of metal exceptionally well suited to absorbing low-to-medium velocity impacts, microwaves, ring storm discharges and laser beams. Does not provide adequate protection against hypervelocity impacts from mass-drives nor from plasma-throwers.

Feedback Focus: New upgrade!
0.409.2 hits experimental branch, fixing:
- some ships drifting away at Enceladus
- camera zoom snapping at the end of zoom in/zoom out sequence

Feedback Focus: At this time I'm still looking for feedback on External Impact Absorbers.
0.409.4 just hit experimental branch, featuring:
- changed mode of collision detection of ore to prevent ore getting stuck in reactors.
- changed the way k37 excavator physical model works from torque-based to force-based, which fixes torque imbalance error that caused ship to spin when you stuffed your cargo hold to the brim.
- fixed smart camera zoom-out to not have a intermediate stop when zooming out
- External Impact Absorber will no-longer expose mineral targeting interface in Geologist tab

Feedback Focus: Physics glitches and performance. The change of collision detection algorithm for ore might have a number of side effects. While you should no-longer see ore embedded in hulls, it can have a performance impact, especially if you are flying with full cargo hold without a mineral processing unit. Please report any significant performance drops, as well as game physics not behaving as expected.
0.409.5 hits experimental branch, featuring:
- introduced positive bias for current target on tug and haul drone systems, which prevents rapid switching of targets and improves delivery performance
- mass driver projectiles will not shatter hitting your exhaust anymore
- disabled Eagle Prospector power overdraw alert that triggered consistently when you retrofitted fusion drives
- fixed units of microseismic drone readouts on Eagle Prospector HUD
- drone system filters will respect the appraisal delay of your geologists, preventing drones reaching for ore chunks before their price is known
- weapon boresights are now clearly visible on NDCI autopilot preview simulation
- fixed some typos

Feedback Focus: Still looking into feedback on physics glitches and game performance.
0.411.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- camera on Enceladus won't follow your mouse anymore
- mining companions are now much better at catching ore that moves with high relative velocities
- ability to completely turn off background animation on Enceladus
- Obonto habitats will now fire their microwaves on hostile pirates if they get close enough
- Vilcy rally point arability can't be extended by your astrogators' skill anymore
- fixed a race condition in asteroid shattering code that could lead to "ghost" asteroids and crashes
- External Impact Absorbers now have mipmaps on their textures and will look much better when you zoom out
- Updated translations

Feedback Focus: This is a release candidate - please report anything worse than in the public branch.