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+1 from a Brazilian-Ukrainian friend! :)
I also support idea to create ability in using Ukranian language in CP2077.
+ 1. It is good idea. Ukraine is a very large market of players. Among Ukrainian players is a demand for games that localized in the Ukrainian language. And this demand is growing. Personally, I as a consumer do not even mind paying extra money for the presence of Ukrainian localization.
+1 for Ukrainian localization.
I'm from Russia and not Ukrainian, but I'm for Ukrainian localization
Hope for Ukrainian localization too!
Bardzo proszę szanowni Państwo dodać lokalizację ukraińską. Teraz dla ukraińców to będzie decydujący czynnik żeby kupić grę. =)
I would like to see it happen!
Please, add Ukrainian localisation in game
+1 for Ukrainian localisation
+1 from me too
+1 for Ukrainian localization.
Hi there!
I much apreciated CD Project Red for theyr games.
I have all 3 parts of the Witcher in my game collection. They are great and of my favorites.
There is support of many languages in these games but sadly no one supports Ukraininan.
I can play in English but it is not my native languge.
There are some new decent games supporting Ukrainian: Metro series, Sinking City, Kingdome Come: Delivirance (Ukrainian is coming).
We are waiting for your new game Cyberpunk 2077. It would be great.
SBT Localization team proposed you to make Ukrainian localization for the Cyberpunk 2077.
Let them make your game more convenient for us.
Thank you.
Post edited August 21, 2019 by Soitin