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Ukrainian video games market is growing year by year so more and more games get ukrainian localizations. Will CP2077 get one?

Also please vote for this feature:
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greatvova: Ukrainian video games market is growing year by year so more and more games get ukrainian localizations. Will CP2077 get one?
I think it will be a good addition to this game. And will be a good treat to enormous(one of the biggest in the world) fanbase community of CD projects in Ukraine.
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Nice idea, but I don`t think that is possible to achieve before release. Most likely we will wait for Ukrainian localization for some time after release when all urgent bugs will be fixed and there will be enough Ukrainian players to provide them with this localization ( as it was a case for Metro Exodus )
Yes! I want this localisation. Always feel envy when saw polish localisation, but not ukrainian. :)
I would sell my house, my liver, my wife and my dog (sorry doggo) to buy this game with Ukrainian localization. Please add it!
Man, I'd be so happy if there was ukrainian localization in cyberpunk. There are many studios here that are ready to step up to the task. The dreams are real.
Yes, please!!! I want to play the game in my native language!
Instant pre-purchase for me on GoG, if the devs officially agree to make this happen.
Hi to all. I would be very happy for the Ukrainian localization of cyberpank. Although the Ukrainian localization of the with did not take place at the time, it would be very cool to get full (or at least textual) Ukrainian localization at the time of release. I buy the game anyway, but localization would please my heart
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I'm sure Ukrainian localization for Cyberpunk 2077 is a great idea. More players would buy this game. English is popular but not enough for most players to enjoy games. Please please please, add Ukrainian localization.
If you ask me I would recommend SBT Localization team. These guys make nice Ukrainain game localizatons.
Ready to support financially any translation group who will take and finish this. SBT (Ukrainian localization team) have already declared the readiness to help with it ;) Also we have team who is working with Valve on Steam, Dota, etc localization - you could choose, just make it happen.
Ukrainian localizations shows the reliability on the Metro Exodus example, when t a lot of Ukrainian's streamers were waiting for Ukrainian language in the game to stream it on their channels.
So, dear CDPR, kindly ask you add the Ukrainian localization to the Cyberpunk 2077 :)
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Having Ukrainian localization would be awesome.
If there was an Ukrainian localisation, I’d immediately make a pre-purchase. Let’s hope someone at CDPR gets this message and will consider on adding Ukrainian
+1 for Ukrainian localisation!
Even can support it with money.
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Yes, please
This is a wonderful idea! Give this futuristic world Ukrainian language, it multinational after all :)