No weekend promo, but save big on your summer ‘staycation’ starting Monday

There are two pieces of news we're bringing to you today. One can make some of you a bit disappointed, but the other is just pure awesome and should provide ample compensation. We won't reveal the surprise completely, though, because being enigmatic is part of what we do. First off: we're not having a promotion this weekend.
You know we won't leave it like that, right? That's where the awesome news comes in! Starting this Monday, June 20th, we're launching a special summer 'staycation' big savings event. What is the 'staycation'? Big savings on what? What are the details? These are questions we can’t answer just now. We don't want to reveal all at once, but we're sure many of you were waiting for this and will be happy about it. Let the speculation in comments begin and check back to on Monday!

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