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Join the DRM-free revolution, reach more people, get an advance on royalties.

Meet our dev friends:
Kan Gao,
creator of To The Moon
Calvin French,
creator of The Real Texas
Lars Doucet,
creator of Defender’s Quest
Anne & Ville Mönkkönen,
creators of Driftmoon
We offer you an advance on royalties.

This way you get some extra budget to put the final polish on your game and feel more confident about us as your business partner. Learn more!

We're not machines. We talk.

We are always ready to openly discuss your game and its perspectives on We will never leave you without feedback. Learn more!

We give every game a chance to shine.

Every release becomes our website's main feature and gets a campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other social channels. Learn more!

We want to start our relationship by giving you something no one else will give you. If we decide to work together, we can offer you the option to get an advance on your game's future sales. There are two ways we can handle royalties:

  • 1. A standard 70/30 (Developer/GOG) split with no advance on royalties.
  • 2. You get an advance on the royalties from your game. In this case, 60/40 royalties split will be in effect until the advance is recouped. Afterwards, we'll switch the split to the standard 70/30.

We'll tell you exactly what we think about your title. We know our users' tastes, and we do our best to present them with a selection of DRM-free games they'll enjoy. We review all submissions and pick those that offer the qualities our users value most, such as gameplay depth, originality, and a high level of polish.

We will contact you directly to tell you how your title fits with those standards in our opinion. Whether we decide to accept your game or not, you will hear from us within two business weeks on average. We will never leave you without feedback!

Every time we release a game on, it gets a dedicated cross-media marketing campaign. It becomes our site's main feature, with an extra-large header banner and a frontpage news article. We'll also promote the release of your game to thousands of our social media followers (on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, etc.). We'll post your game's trailer on our YouTube channel and feature it in our weekly video editorial.

We're also eager to work with you on other special events and actions to make your game's campaign unique. We love to go a bit crazy with our marketing, and we hope you'll get on board with our ideas.

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