Dreamfall Chapters with Quill18

The Longest Journey stream series, now complete!
Dreamfall Chapters is an episodic, story-driven adventure game about choices and consequences, dreams and reality, magic and science, chaos and order, and the broken heroes whose actions will shape the course of history in all worlds. Revisiting familiar locations and characters, and introducing new sights and sounds, new faces, new game mechanics, new thrills, and challenges. We want to give you a sneak peek at the experience you're in for! Join Quill18 as he concludes our stream series with The Longest Journey franchise. You can see the whole thing right here.
In case you missed them, you can also see the two archived previous streams in the series: Quill18 playing the previous Dreamfall game, and BaerTaffy setting out on The Longest Journey, the one that started the whole saga.
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