Release: Waking Mars

The secret life of the Red Planet.
Waking Mars, an original platform game that focuses on free-form jetpack-aided exploration of the Martian underground, is now available 50% off on That's only $4.99 for a whole week!
For all we know, the life that we know didn't start here, on Earth. One of the theories says that the spark that kick-started the evolution in the primordial ocean came from outer space and it points to our nearest neighbor as its probable source. Mars wasn't necessarily always covered with arid deserts and infertile rock. Unmanned missions, like the one carried out by Curiosity Mars Rover, gather more and more proof that the surface of the Red Planet used to be blue, green, and very much alive. Life on Mars. Maybe it's not entirely gone? Maybe someday humans will touch the red dust with their own feet and feel a pulse coming deep from the underground--a sign, that Mars is waking.
In Waking Mars the fantasy of living Mars becomes your reality. However, not everything goes as planned with the first contact expedition, and you become trapped in the giant underground system of caves and corridors. Using your space-suit's jetpack you have to explore your surroundings, learn the dependencies of the Martian ecosystem, and figure out how to use the alien creatures and plants in your advantage. Your survival depends on your ability to adapt, in this unique game filled with eerie beauty and unknown danger. On, the game comes with a bonus MP3 soundtrack filled with many great electronica tunes guaranteed to bring high-quality Sci-Fi ambiance into your day.
So, what are you still doing here on Earth? Shouldn't you be Waking Mars by now, for only $4.99 on The offer lasts until Tuesday, March 12, at 10:59AM GMT.