Release: Shelter 2: Mountains DLC + Series Promo

Save up to 75% on the Shelter series.
Shelter 2: Mountains, in which you'll live out the day-to-day of a snowed-in mother Lynx, is available now, DRM-free on Get wild for the launch, you can pick up Shelter and Shelter 2 for 75% and 33% off respectively!
In Shelter 2 you'll join the family of fuzzy, adorable Lynx struggling for survival out in the wild. Raise your little ones, teach them to hunt, and now - with the Mountains DLC brave the cold and snowy steppes of a vast new in-game area, and learn to walk the fuzzy line between prey and predator. The all-new mountain area comes to life more than ever before with new weather, seasonal and lighting effects and a new background soundtrack. Exercise more caution than ever with new fauna including foxes, birds of prey, and cool polar bears roaming the entire game world - playing the role of your greatest enemy, while struggling to stay alive themselves.
Things get cold and fuzzy in Shelter 2: Mountains DLC, available now, DRM-free on The launch promo will last until Friday, August 28, 12:59 PM GMT.