Release: PixelJunk Monsters HD

Tikiman in trouble!
PixelJunk Monsters HD, the ultimate edition of the tower defense game full of soothing colors and woodland magic, is available 20% off on That's only $7.19 for the first week.
You are the Tikiman, defender of the forest, guardian of the critters, keeper of your little tikki offspring. The woodland is in great peril. Hordes of twisted monsters seek to destroy your habitat and feast on your helpless tikikids. This cannot be allowed! Lucky for you, you've got the shamanic technology of defense towers at your disposal. With the power of arrows, fire, lightning, ice, and even laser, you can give the monsters a run for their money. Gather resources, unlock upgrades, devise the most effective strategies, and keep your home and children safe from harm. Then move to a new neighborhood and start over. Why? Because it's fun.
PixelJunk Monsters HD takes the time-proven tower defense mechanics and adds a lot of dynamics to the gameplay by populating the playground with strangely cute creatures and giving you control over their keeper, the odd-looking Tikiman. Spanning across 3 different islands and 47 original stages, your adventure brings you many challenges and tests your planning skills as well as reflexes. The special HD version offered here offers re-mastered graphics and all the content of the basic game and its Deluxe and Encore expansions.
Fend off the persistent monster hordes and make the magical woodland your home in PixelJunk Monsters HD, for only $7.19 on The 20% off release discount offer lasts until Tuesday, October 15, at 9:59AM GMT.
The Mac OS X version of the game is now available as well. W00t!