Release: Miasmata

Lurking in the forest, coming to get you.
Miasmata, a one-of-the-kind survival horror game that strands you on a mysterious island with a ferocious feline beast, is now available on for only $13.49! That's 10% off, this week only!
Cats. You can't trust them. Even a cat person knows that they're always hiding something. It's not only that they will act offended if you find them peacefully sitting in the middle of a ruin that used to be your apartment and you blame them for this apparent natural disaster. This is nothing. At nights, when you're asleep the cat will sit at the footboard of your bed, staring at you, eyes glowing in the dark. Plotting. Screening the many scenarios of your death in his fuzzy feline head. If you happen to wake up at this moment, you will feel more than a little bit uneasy. All that can happen in the cozy safety of your own apartment. Now imagine a little change of setting--you're not at home, you're stranded on a mysterious island. Also, the cat isn't your average felis domesticus. It's still a cat, but it's the size of a pickup-truck. And it's got horns. And it's not even trying to hide the fact, that it wants you dead. Getting the chills now, are you? Well--welcome to Miasmata.
In Miasmata, an encounter with the giant cat-like monster is a probable cause of death for your character, but by no means the most common one. The game is very unforgiving when it comes to wilderness survival. Just like in the cult hard-core classic, Robinson's Requiem, you'll have to pay close attention to your nutrition, hydration, wounds, and potential illnesses, in order to just stay alive. As if this wasn't tough enough, another important task for you to complete on the island is to research its unique plants and fungi in order to synthesize a cure for the plague. Yes, didn't I mention you're suffering from a plague? Well, you do. By the end of the day you might just feel thankful, when the cat-creature creeps up to you in the darkness and puts you out of your misery. If you're a quitter, that is. Otherwise--prepare for a masterfully created survival horror challenge!
Do you think you know a thing or two about wilderness survival, self-medication, chemistry, and cats? Miasmata will prove you wrong, for only $13.49. You can grab it 10% off until Wednesday, December 5, at 14:59 GMT.