Publisher Sale: Xseed Games up to 75% off

Till 14th of November fans of anime and Japanese RPGs are in for a true feast – you can buy games from The Legend of Heroes and Ys sagas at GOG.COM with even up to 75% discount.
Although based in California, Xseed Games is best known around the world for publishing beautifully crafted anime-themed RPG’s straight from the Land of Cherry Blossoms. Since the company was founded by former Square Enix USA members, they know Japanese role-playing games from top to bottom. As for now, Xseed introduced to us many unique fantasy titles, with a gallery of memorable anime characters, dynamic fights and rich worlds to explore. Let’s check out at least a few of the Weekly Sale titles.
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (-50%) is a role-playing title from developer Nihon Falcom that Xseed Games took especially long to publish, mainly because of a huge storyline and the richness of the beautifully crafted game world. Trails in the Sky takes us to the magical Liberl Kingdom, where we accompany two kids – Estelle and Joshua on a quest to find their father. The game was so popular it spawned two direct sequels.
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (-40%) is a spin-off of mentioned earlier Trails in the Sky series. Like its predecessor, it is an action role-playing game, but with a more complex battle system. As players, we uncover the stories of two main protagonists – Rean Shwarzer and Class VII, members of the renown Thors Military Academy. We follow them as they set on a journey through the vast lands of Erebonian Empire.
Ys I & II Chronicles+ (-70%) is a real treat for fans of retro gaming. The pack consists of two remade for PC classic Japanese RPG games. We join the main character, named Adol Christin, on a quest through the fantastic land of Esteria. It’s a great chance to check out the origins of the story which captivated gamers around the world so much, that it produced sequels made across the next three decades.
This, of course, is just a small part of the Publisher Sale we have in store for you. Check out other Xseed Games titles which will give you months of fun in exploring distant lands. The Publisher Sale ends November 14th at 2 PM UTC.