Pre-order: Papers, Please

Order in the line!
Papers, Please, a unique dystopian game of social drama, and political statements, challenging your alertness, attention to detail, and morals with the puzzling and stressful work of an immigration inspector, is available for pre-orders on, for Windows and Mac, for only $9.99!
Comrade! As you assume your post at the Grestin Border Checkpoint the Ministry of Admission would like to remind you that your work is crucial to the safety of the People's Republic of Arstotzka. The enemies of the state are many and our borders should remain impenetrable. Stay alert! Terrorists, spies, and miscreants will take advantage of your every smallest mistake to enter our motherland and threaten the people. Be vigilant! Always check and double-check every detail. Never ignore any inconsistency. The safety of our glorious nation rest is your personal responsibility! Oh, by the way, comrade--you will be paid based on the number of people you control each day. And we're raising your rent.
Papers, Please simulates the work of a immigration inspector whose responsibility is to controll the passports and other papers of the people trying to cross the border of your country. Your job gets more complicated daily, as new regulations are passed by the Ministry of Admission and the illegal immigrants get more and more creative in the attempts of tricking you into letting them in. You will face the grim reality of a dystopian communist republic of the early 1980s as you try to support your family and not end up in front of a firing squad as a traitor. Challenging, morally ambiguous, and intense gameplay will blow your mind!
Pre-order Papers, Please for only $9.99 and feel the Ministry of Admission breathing down your neck, as soon as the game arrives (which is expected to happen on August 8).