Pre-order + Contest: FEZ

Welcome to relativity! Get your complimentary fez.
FEZ,an original, incredibly deep perspective-twisting puzzle-platformer with countless awesome stages to explore, is available 10% off for pre-order on That's only $8.99 until Wednesday, May 1, at 9:59AM GMT, when we expect the game to arrive.
A unique title like FEZ demands we did something special. This is why we decided to start a little weird contest, so you get the chance to Win a fez to play FEZ in a fez! That's right! We're giving away 20 FEZ fezes to people who pre-order the game. The game's puzzles are highly complicated, challenging, original, and complex, so we decided to keep the contest rules as plain, simple, and uninspired as possible. Here's what you need to do:
1. Pre-order FEZ here for only $8.99:
2. Write to and tell us why you should win a fez
3. Profit: win one of the 20 awesome fezes to give away! (We'll start shipping them worldwide on May 1st, so that's the deadline for submissions.)
FEZ is a puzzle-platformer like no other. First of all, its gameplay mechanics come with a perspective-changing twist, that make every stage of the game not one, but four 2D landscapes. You'll have to use that to your advantage and figure out how to make seemingly impossible jumps. That's just scratching the surface, though. There's no telling just how many complex and original puzzles have been hidden in the world of FEZ. That might be the first game in quite some time, that will make you take notes while you play, so you can crack some of the game's secrets and understand its strange languages. There's so many layers and levels to the world you'll be exploring, that you probably won't see the half of it at your first playthrough! Pair that with incredibly diverse level-design, and charming pixel-art (ummm... sorry, trixel-art) graphics, and what you get is one of the most remarkable titles of our time. Be sure not to miss it!
Pre-order FEZ today to enjoy its mind-bending perspective-twisting charm at 10% discount! Remember, the pre-order offer lasts until Wednesday, May 1, at 9:59AM GMT