Release: THIEF™ GOLD

It’s a Steal!
THIEF™ GOLD is the definitive version of Thief: The Dark Project, the first game that introduced sound and light (or silence and shadows) as stealth gameplay mechanics, so there is no way you can sneak past this gem on for just $9.99.
Garrett, the main protagonist in Thief trilogy, is one of the gaming’s most appealing hidden anti-heroes. Sure, he’s a thief (and a killer!), but he makes it up with sarcasm, intelligence, and rougish appeal. Thief’s surprisingly elaborate storyline throws Garret between a rock and a hard place where he needs to restore the political and magical balance of the city by using silence, stealth, and thievish skills as a weapon. The chaotic Pagans and technological Hammerites are preparing to tear the city apart in their battles with each other, and it seems that only a little judicious theft can keep these titani forces from clashing. No matter who's the employer and who's the victim, he plans to stay neutral and is always upholding his beliefs with a simple key principle: always get the loot.
In THIEF™ GOLD, you have a wide range of equipment at your disposal: a blackjack, a sword, lockpicks, holy water, explosive mines, flash bombs, and seven types of arrows to assist you on 12 treacherous missions in a steampunk-medieval metropolis called the City. The game’s FPS mechanics are a big change from then-traditional DOOMlike “shoot and run” to the unthinkable "it's quite amazing how much fun it can be to avoid action". The game received much critical acclaim (92! Metascore), with reviews ranging from “immersive gaming experience”, through “bloody good”, to the quite expected “my favorite game of all time”.
You don’t have to get your hands dirty to get THIEF™ GOLD from’s secret stash for $9.99.