New release: Septerra Core

We've noticed a lot of you are expecting more RPGs and Septerra Core is one helluva RPG. And if you haven't noticed this is the 99th release on :)
Septerra Core is a role-playing game which, despite its American origins, is as much a JRPG as the best of them. From the character design to the vast, enthralling storyline, it's tough not to notice traces of Japanese game design. The game is set in Septerra - a world comprised of a clockwork planetary core around which orbit seven continental layers, or "World Shells". It tells the story of Maya, an orphaned junker from Shell 2, and how she finds herself engulfed in the intrigue surrounding an ancient prophecy, which speaks of the "Legacy of the Creator". If you like RPG games, especially JRPGs, you shouldn't miss this title.