New release: Normality

Neutropolis is a typical normal city where emotions are not tolerated, and grey, dull colors represent the mood of the citizens living grey, dull lives.
You’re Kent Knutson, a anarchist grunge-head that is just happy with his life. While Kent is traversing the streets of Neutropolis, he does the unforgivable and begins to whistle a happy happy song! After the Norms capture and imprison Kent, he gets a tip about a resistance movement in Neutropolis and decides to make a difference in his hometown by bringing emotional equality to all.. Help Kent find the resistance and overthrow the totalitarian regime of Paul Nystalux.
Normality's graphics hold up pretty well to the test of time. Utilizing fully pre-rendered graphics and cut scenes helped this game age well and with class ;) The City itself has a character of its own. Artistic design and attention to detail are a big deal in Gremlin Interactive studios and it’s clearly showcased here. Made with the same graphics engine as Realms of the Haunting. The gameplay's typical point and click mechanics have a Gremlin Interactive twist: instead of static 2D backgrounds, you roam around in first person perspective. Puzzles are geared for the average adventurer but the game has an interesting way of completing them. Even when you finish it, you can still be left with few items in your inventory ;) Yeah, cruel isn’t it?
Stephen Poole from Gamespot sums up Normality quite succinctly in his review from 1996::
“If you're looking for an adventure game that'll deliver your money's worth, you ought to check this one out.” - Stephen Poole, Gamespot, Posted Aug 23, 1996
If it was worth the money 15 years ago, this game's wacky blend of grunge styling, clever puzzles, and imaginative storytelling make it a must-buy for any adventure fan now on for $5.99!