Neverwinter Nights contests: The DRM Monster and the Treasure of GOG

To celebrate yesterday's release of Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition, we've teamed up with the NWN community and The Neverwinter Citadel Project to launch two contests for all Neverwinter Nights fans (and those who will become NWN fans ;)).
The game provides players with very an useful and extensive set of tools to create their own quests and adventures. We encourage gamers to create a NWN module entitled "The DRM Monster and the Treasure of GOG" :). For those of you who are skilled enough, we encourage you to take part in the second contest where you have to create a model of the evil DRM monster. From all entries we will reward the authors of the 5 best quests and the author of the best model of the DRM monster with free GOG games, plus we'll post a special mod spotlight highlighting the winning entries.
All guidelines and rules for both contests are listed below and on the NWN community forum.