GOG.COM <3 LinusTechTips // The Ultimate Gaming Machine

Today is a great day for all of gamers around the Internet.
GOG.COM has partnered with LinusTechTips, the most loveable - and clumsiest - Tech Channel on Youtube to create the Ultimate Gaming Machine and, you guessed it, it’s actually a PC.
Check this: the monstrosity features a 6-core Ryzen 5 3600 processor, a whopping 32GB of Corsair LPX RAM and no less 1.5 Terabytes filled with more than 450 DRM-free games from GOG.COM! A portion of the best games contained on that super-duper machine are listed right here. You’re in luck! Some are on sale right now!
Who is LinusTechTips, you’re asking? LTT is one of the most influential and entertaining tech channel on the internet. LinusTechTips makes videos about all the things you love: Games, computers, devices and other cool tech from the past, present and future.
You can check the video right here and let them know that you loved it!