Coming Soon! Carmageddon + Splat Pack

You might have heard that the guys at Stainless Games have been trying to revive the Carmageddon franchise on Kickstarter. Well, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be releasing the original Carmageddon on sometime soon in the coming months--and that you can get a copy of Carmageddon + the Splat Pack if you back the Kickstarter project for $25 or more!
In case you aren’t aware of what Carmageddon is, let’s take you a brief tour of gaming history. It’s the late nineties, and Stainless Software Ltd. brings a game that bursts onto the scene in a spray of blood, a crash of steel, and a anguished shriek of pedestrians when they released Carmageddon. It’s an ultra-violent racing game--this is not one for the kiddies!--where you crash, rend, crush, crumple, and demolish your way to victory. There’s a backstory of sorts--the world has gone to pot, and you’re racing in order to survive in a car-eat-car world--but that’s not the point.
Your job is to win races. Sure, you could play the game like a realistic racing simulator, avoiding any fender-benders and pedestrians. You can even win all of the races that way if you’re talented. But the real fun comes from pulling wild stunts, wrecking and collecting your opponents’ cars, and generally wreaking havoc on the track. Carmageddon launched amidst a lot of controversy due to its violent nature, but under the gore and impressive 3dFX graphics lies a great game.
This will be coming to in the upcoming months--our crack team of contentologists is hard at work getting all of the bytes dusted off and all of the graphics buffed to a high shine--and will be available here for $9.99. In the meantime, though, if you want to help make the next Carmageddon game happen, you can back it on Kickstarter, and if you chip in more than $25, you’ll get the copy of Carmageddon for free once we’ve gotten it launched!
Gentlemen, start your engines!