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JOHNB007: Hello.

This is what fixed the issue with the 3d error'

I installed Settlers III from GOG, the latest hotfix version.

When you run Settlers III on a modern OS, Windows will ask to install DirectPlay, go ahead and install the update.

Then I could run S4, but it was laggy, really laggy.

I had to apply both the S4 main fix and the S4 Editor fix, Edit the Dxwrapper on the Editor fix and set the DX7 to 1.

Everything works Ok now.

Hope this helps.
e1lobo: Anyone knows how to play Settlers IV in lan?
I'm getting very low performance on an AMD Ryzen R5 1600 and an AMD RX 570 4GB. Runs fine on my PC, Same setup just an Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB instead of the AMD Card. AMD issue?
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Hi , I may sound like a complete PC/ novice, but I'm having difficulty downloading Settlers4 on to my laptop, can anyone help?
Kat_Richards: Hi , I may sound like a complete PC/ novice, but I'm having difficulty downloading Settlers4 on to my laptop, can anyone help?
Sorry for late response -> When you bought Settlers iV - go to -> click on your account name in top panel (i guess it is Kat_Richards) -> "Games" -> find "Settlers" in your list -> click on "\/" button to show options -> click view downloads -> on the bottom of new window choose "Download offline backup game installers" - it would be easier then installing throgh gog galaxy I guess. - that is all ;)
eriedlinger: Hello Simon, The latest version of The Settlers IV from GOG already includes my fix. You should no longer need my patch. Try downloading the latest version from GOG and reinstalling it.
Simon_Bishop: Hi eriedlinger thanks for the quick reply, I have tried a few gog versions but it says:
The procedure entry point MiniDumpWriteDump could not be located in the dynamic link library C:WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\dlumd9.dll

so i then press ok the graphics change as if the game is loading then it says:

Software 3D: Error initializing Graphic Interface.....blah blah
I got the latest version from IPTorrents but i dont think its the latest one do you have a link to the latest game thankyou very much
Hello Simon and eriedlinger!
Sorry to barge into your threads here. I have no clue what I am doing, but I recently bought/installed S4 through GOG but only get the 'Software 3D: Error' and 'Hardware 3D: Error' message when I try to play. I had a go at trying to meddle with recommended fixes etc but the message is still the same.
Is there any hope for me to be able to play my fave childhood game?
Hey guys, I have updated my guide (both here and on my blog). I have rewritten most of it, so it should be easier to follow, simpler to execute and more complete.

Also, thank you for keeping the discussion alive all these years. I have been reading most of your posts and trying to consider most of your alternate solutions for the revision. Some of them I have been happy to include (the Widescreen Tool), other I haven't been able to fully test myself as exhaustively as I would have liked to (DxWnd or eriedlinger's Patch, the latter of whom I've decided to mention nonetheless). Other things, such as the music fixes (which now include many more things, like the missing Viking music) have been completely revamped.

I have also decided to mention eriedlinger's Patch (and DXGL) because even if the GOG version seems to include it now, there may be some people still using the original disk version.

Hoping to hear some feedback from you,