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xmorphyx: Hi there,

I got Settler IV running with DXGL on Win10 without any other applied "Fix Patches" for the
3D Initialisation Error messages.
I've attached my actual settings. S4 is running without applying any compatibility settings
to S4.exe or S4_main.exe.
I'm using a gfxengine.dll mod to fit the game resolution to my 4k screen though.
May be the "The Settlers 4 - Widescreen Tool" will work for you.

THx, this works. But now i have another problem. In game i can't left click on buildings. Only if i drag the cursor i can select buildings, but i can't build any construction because i can't left click on the spot to build. Any idea?
bazgauiu: THx, this works. But now i have another problem. In game i can't left click on buildings. Only if i drag the cursor i can select buildings, but i can't build any construction because i can't left click on the spot to build. Any idea?
If you have wrong DXGL settings for S4_main.exe you might get a "mouse position offset" problem.
Are any windows compatibillity settings for S4_main.exe still enabled? i.e. the DPI option?
May be the widescreen tool i mentioned above can help you if you set the correct resolution of your monitor.

I'm glad that your copy work perfect.

But in my case - nothing work.

DXGL & widescreen & fix applied.
On nVidia card - the game start withoun DXGL but run VERY SLOW
On Intel card - I hear sound, but I see nothing.
The best effect I had with the dgVoodoo, but then my screen was 4:3 aspect ratio and my screen is 16:9, so whole game looked very bad...

My computer:
Lenovo 310-15IKB
Win10 64-bit
Intel graphic card + nVidia 920MX.
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Awesome, works for me! thanks!!
I got it to work using DXGL, but no matter what I do, the videos don't play properly. Does anyone know what I could do?

I have no problems playing the videos out of the game (I have RADTools installed).
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I sometimes get a problem with a slow game or at least the game sprites seem to move around "choppy".
I usually fix this with alt-tab out and back to the game. As I already wrote, I only use DXGL and a widescreen mod, no other "fix patches" for the game exes. The video playback doesn't work for me either.
Seems playback doesn't work over DXGL but i never tried to get them to work as i don't need the videos. :)

(btw: My DXGL settings are used with nVidia and AMD cards which support OpenGL V2.0 and higher.
I don't know if they also work with other gc.
Intel drivers/Intel gc often cause problems, also in other games. )

I have seen several similar solutions in this thread, but this is how I got it working with the help of the friendly support: (Lazy me, I contacted them before searching thoroughly in the forum.)

I have windows 10 on a laptop with an AMD Radeon R7 M260X card.

1. Install DXGL, latest version. (I am not sure this was needed in the end)
2. In the windows Properties-dialog for the S4.exe (settlers) file, on the Compatibility-tab, I simply selected "Windows XP (Service pack 2)".
3. Done! Now the game starts with a silly "not optimal resolution" warning from windows that disappear after five seconds. Game and sound works, but not the videos. I guess it would be possible to tweak that too, but I am not interested in videos. :)

I tried "Windows 98", but did not work, so it seems crucial to use "Windows XP" at least.
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Hi Guys!

I've just purchased the game from GOG here and I cant get it to run.

I've read and tried all your different sollutions and I've gone from "Hardware 3D: Error initializing Graphic interface" to gettin the "Settlers has stopped working"-Windows provides...

Im completely noob to the whole voodoo-program and the same goes for DXWnd and DXGL...

Is there and like walkthrough guide someone can provide me with maaany details and more exactly what to do?

Im suffering here! This is one the best games ever created of all time!
For those whose game just don't start upon clicking the icon, I launced directly from the S4.exe in the "Settlers IV Gold" directory, and not the shortcut which is automatically created and stored on the desktop. I then created a shortcut of the S4.exe and placed it on my desktop for easier access.

That worked for me anyway :-)
I got game running with 53-die-siedler-4-gold-edition-graphic-interface-fix
Works with english too
Guys, I'm glad that your copy work on your configuration.

I would like to ask some questions:

- are you play on PC / laptop?
- are your graphic card is Inter/AMD/nVidia
- are you play on Software or Hardware mode?
- are game looks on 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio?

Like I wrote earlier (on other topic), the game works in my case only with dgVooDoo, but looks odd. The whole game is on fullscreen (1366x768) but game looks like squeezed. If I switch to 800x600, game looks right, but it difficult to play on that resolution.
Compare this two images I found on net it looks OK, the buildings looks like "square"
and look this:
in this case game look squizeed - I have the same issue.

And here are my results:
With dgVoodoo + resolution fix - play, hardware mode OK, game looks squeeze
With DXGL (Video mode: stretch, aspect: 16:9) - game looks OK, but hardware mode fail :/

My config is: Win 10 64-bit, nVidia GeForce 920MX + Intel integrated card
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ok, what you are calling - 'squizeed' ( is how Settlers IV is supposed to look. That is exactly what my screen looks like at 1920x1080 and is rendered in exactly the same aspect ratio as it is on my legacy gaming rig - AthlonXP 2400, Matrox G400, Windows 2000 and Visionmaster Pro 450 CRT monitor

The first screenshot ( is squashed vertically. This is definitely not how Settlers IV is supposed to look.

Hope this helps.
Maybe you're right... I must accustom to this new look...
But I have other problem - if I play on dgVoodoo (only thing with hardware mode playable) I have LOW framerate... The game seems laggy. It helps if I zoom the game, but it's not solution. Maybe I should change settings on dgVoodoo?