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high rated
*sticks tongue out* ...

The Realms of Trinity is a complete PW set in the Forgotten Realms Campaign setting and takes place 232 years after the goings on in Neverwinter Nights 2. It is a fully detailed campaign. The server is a hybrid Action/Adventure/RP PW that has many challenging and original ares. Please view our website for more details and screenshots.

Please give the Realms of Trinity a look, and we look forward to seeing you.

To download:

Simply start Neverwinter Nights 2, go to multiplayer, direct connect address:, the files will download automatically!

ROT Features at a glance!
- Huge and highly detailed world. Consists of 2 full campaigns of over 400 areas.
- Custom difficulty options that allow YOU to choose the experience you have playing ROT.
- Over 200 ROT modified spells and feats to provide a large range of viable character builds.
- Dynamic Spawning System that constantly changes your gaming experience.
- Full custom RP XP Reward System to encourage immersive role playing.
- Party XP Reward Bonus - Party up to get extra XP bonuses!
- Great community with many player guilds, which have custom cloaks, housing, and items.
- Custom Item Level Restriction System that allows for a good and reasonable structure of item use and sharing.
- Life after level 30 via the Epic Relevel system that allows you to add permanent base ability score bonuses to your character when you reach certain XP thresholds above Level 30 XP and bonuses to your spells.
- Now level progression all the way to 40th Level!
- Kaedrin PRC Pack 1.42.1
- Low to High magic progression for the lifetime of your character in the Realms of Trinity I & II Campaigns, Low to Mid magic in the Cormyrean Expanse.
- Custom Item Crafting and Appearance changing to suit your play style and wishes.
- Community Leaders - The Realms of Trinity run and host the Neverwinter Nights Podcast, which covers everything Neverwinter. Check us out at Link Getting Started in The Realms of Trinity

Unique to Realms of Trinity

RP Reward System

To enable RP award processing for your PC, you must be in RP Mode. ONLY local, whispers, and party chats will be processed. To turn on RP mode, click the RP mode button on the XP status bar. The status bar also keeps a running total of RP XP rewards that your character has received since character creation. Every hour the system will scan your text for good keywords and bad keywords. Any line of chat that has at least 1 good key word will be given a bonus per keyword. If a line of chat contains more than 1 good keyword, the benefit will stack up to 5 keywords. If a line of RP chat contains a bad key word, such as profanity, metagaming terms, certain slang, or generally anything that doesn't belong in RP, you will receive a 25 XP penalty and it will stack for each instance.

Personal Difficulty Options - Choose your ROT experience!

Easy Mode: Option at Character Creation

In an effort to help new players that are not familiar to ROT or would prefer an easier time soloing through the game as it stands, we have added the following new feature to ROT:

After you create your character, you will enter the void, before entering the portal and beginning the game, you will be given the option to choose, easy or normal difficulty. If you pick normal, nothing at all changes for you now or ever for that character. However, if you pick easy, you will get the following and the following:

- Get 5 free permanent ability score bonuses, applied any way you wish.
- Get 25,000 gp to start ( 1,500 gp for standard difficulty )
- Start with 8,000 xp ( 3,975 xp for standard difficulty )

- Pre Epic Relevel 3 (See Getting Started Page for Epic Relevel Details) Bonus XP for creatures CR 26 or higher will not apply.
- Get 1/2 gold total from kills.
Options After Character Creation

Extreme Difficulty Mode

The extreme difficulty toggle mode is available for any character. You will be able to toggle this using the PVP/AFK widget in your inventory. The setting will be saved by character in the the database, so that you won't have to turn it off/on every time you login. Using this feature is totally optional, however, be aware by using it in parties only you get the XP bonuses for the difficulty setting. Only individuals with the extreme setting on will receive the bonus XP.

When you enter an area with the Extreme Difficulty setting on, the mobs in the area will beef up. A "beefed" up monster will have (EX) at the end of its name and will return to normal name once it de-beefs. When you leave the area, any remaining creatures will be de-"beefed". Any creature that spawns in while you are in the area, will beef up within 6 seconds. Upon killing a creature "beefed" you will receive additional XP regardless of ER level.

What is the SSR?

SSR is a new spawning technology that I have designed and developed that makes use of our nwnx MySql Database hookup and allows REAL TIME changes to mobs in game from outside of game. We have installed the final piece of this that alters what gets spawned several times a day for spawners that we designate as "dynamic". So in essence, one day you come across a pack of goblins. Another day, you might come across a group of bandits or even no one at all. You will never know what to expect where and with the above mentioned system with this, ROT will remain fun and fresh as humanly possible.

Server is listed under Role Play, Direct Connect:
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I've been playing on RoT for many months now. I tried other nwn2 PWs before, but I found myself frustrated and unimpressed.

The people on RoT are the best ever and the campaign is like someone made a whole new game and expansions with the nwn2 engine, you can play from beginning to end, over many weeks, and not run into issues where you can't progress without grinding the same area over and over.

If you ever need help, advice, or a piece or two of better gear to boost you through a rough spot, the friendliest and most welcoming players and staff I've ever seen are a shout away.

There is at least one guild avowed to drop anything they are doing anytime to help you if you let it be known you are in need.



--Disclosure-- I did indeed start here many months ago and I've since become a DM on this server.
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Definitely going to try this out. Looks great.
A few days ago I had the sudden urge to start playing NWN2 again. So while I waited for the game to finish downloading I decided to read some threads about in the steam and forums.

That was when I found out about the Realms of Trinity Server and decided to give it a try. I haven't regretted that choice yet! Already made 3 different chars to find out what kind I'm more comfortable with in a high magic server and I'm having a lot of fun so far.

low rated
Too bad the games runs at 15 fps and is unplayable
I have been on and off NWN2 every once in a while, but when I launch the game I tend to end up checking how things are going in RoT. So much love and care has been shown to this PW by the developers, that despite some issues people have with NWN2 are almost forgotten when you set foot on the Realms of Trinity. ^^

Community has been great through the years RoT has been up. The campaigns available are well made, and even the older stuff is supported with updates when new features come out. Thanks to the customized PRC pack, and a lot of content available for 30+ characters, you can have a lot of variety for PC characters.

FPS and lag hasn't been that much of an issue from my personal point of view but like I mentioned I'm not always there to see how things play out, still can say for me it has always been playable though I have been using NWN ClientExtension program to launch the game for a while.

Anyway if you got the time and dedication for NWN2 this PW is definately worth a try, and its main campaign is pretty fast paced until the very highest levels and first couple EpicRelevels so having to grind through time isn't that much of an issue. You can just plan a character with character builder (Trinity options available) if you want to and then start to enjoy the story with friends or alone, though no reason to be shy and not ask the pleyers online for company.

Thanks! :3
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This is a great PW, I have had no issues, with lag, or FPS whilst playing on it. It was a breeze to start using and I am using no modifications on my client other then whatever the auto downloader installed.
rawsteel: Too bad the games runs at 15 fps and is unplayable
What do you mean mate? Maybe we can help you out with that problem.

Best way to get FPS up is to turn off shadows.
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I have to agree with the above posts have little to no issues regarding lag or FPS stability, even the download from the server was quick compared to most other server in downloading the 1.4gbs of files, only took about 15 minutes compared to most taking a few hours. Additionally to that the server is great and very fun to play on, has a great story that i've seen so far and would recommend for anyone to give it a try.
What a great server... best by far and I have played many.. all things divine!!
Since I started playing on RoT, it has been great. The people are awesome and friendly. In addition, the world is so vast that it makes it great to explore and look for new stuff. Thanks for the dedication to the server!
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This is my true PW home. Realms of Trinity is a great world for anyone- whether it be casual RP or dragon slaying action, this is it. The custom work done by Brian and his staff is amazing. The content is superb. I have tried others, but this one always has me coming back. The world is always fresh and new, the staff listens to the playerbase, and the playerbase is excellent as well. I recommend it for anyone who still wants to play NWN2 after these many years.
hows the population? the only pw ive played on is bg and that was a solid one.
20-30 most of the time.
This sounds interesting. Maybe I'll give it a try when I've managed to finish the official campaign and the expansions. I've never actually played NWN or the sequel in multiplayer. I suppose it's not quite the same as all the MMORPGs? There seem to be fewer players, which is not necessarily a bad thing.