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Hey all, I downloading RoT to give it a try (decided not to do another campaign run for the nth time).

Can someone recommend a non-pvp Pal/Sorc build with (early-ish) EDM and reasonable BAB/arcane CL? I've seen a few builds on nwn2builder, but they're pretty old and from what I'm reading many classes/feats were revamped in 2017.

Also does RoT need a clean Nwn2 install? I've installed a bunch of SP modules and tinkered with the music files and so on, are those a problem?
Post edited April 06, 2018 by tolias
Hey Tolias - sorry for not replying sooner. I must admit I only check in here once every month or two. I think since you posted above, you've posted on our forum (and got an answer - correct me if i'm wrong).

Afaik you don't need a clean install but things in the over-ride folder could be an issue - that said many run without a problem, think it depends on what you've got in there. It would probably be easier to have a separate game folder for Trinity if you run into any issues.

In Trinity news - the new Thug/Swashbuckler Set is being beta tested and we hope to have it in-game soon.
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