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Been playing this for a few days now. Wow. My brain is tingling. Loads of good memories playing NWN back in the day. Guess it's time to dig into it again. I think I've found my server ;)

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As a long time roleplayer and lover of NWN I were on the lookout for a game to have fun with my friends. I stumbled upon NWN2 and then searched for a server to play at.
Realms of trinity is a great server, with a lot of friendly players and a load of customization options and rewritten spells, feats and characters.
I will recommend it to any player who like live roleplay and tough challenges

best regards
I must say...amazing that this server can bring so much life to an older game. Looking forward to spend my hours here together with friends and foes :-)



Realms of Trinity is a great server, where you can roleplay and enjoy a great world.



- SekaFon
New player on server. So far it is very decent so I am willing to give it a further try - More indepth review on the modDB page.

It's not hard to see why so many people love playing on this server. A+ custom content and a massive, enjoyable campaign! A few forgivable typos in dialog here and there, but overall very great!
Hey Everyone!,

Just a quick line to say that Trinity is doing a complete overhaul of the entire Spellbook. Arcanes are first on the list and have already entered Live Beta with considerable success. Divines are next and several, very challenging end-game areas are having the finishing touches put to them before being fully connected.

If you really like Neverwinter - you'll absolutely love The Realms of Trinity!
Hi All,

Here in Trinity it will be our 9th year Anniversary on the 6th September - many DM events will be planned for the following weekend (9th & 10th Sep). Feel free to come and join the fun!
Following a very successful open beta (many thanks to our players for such excellent feedback), the Dev's of Trinity have almost completed the Arcane Spellbook re-write and are now starting on the Divine Spellbook. Playing a spellcaster has never felt so Powerful ;)
Trinity has recently re-balanced and improved the Sorcerer and Eldritch Knight classes, giving additional feats and skills. The Red Dragon Disciple will also be getting an overhaul in order to make them re-levellable (an excellent Trinity feature allowing everyone to re-level their characters - because we all make mistakes and we all change our minds).

Learn more at