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Hey all, I downloading RoT to give it a try (decided not to do another campaign run for the nth time).

Can someone recommend a non-pvp Pal/Sorc build with (early-ish) EDM and reasonable BAB/arcane CL? I've seen a few builds on nwn2builder, but they're pretty old and from what I'm reading many classes/feats were revamped in 2017.

Also does RoT need a clean Nwn2 install? I've installed a bunch of SP modules and tinkered with the music files and so on, are those a problem?
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Hey Tolias - sorry for not replying sooner. I must admit I only check in here once every month or two. I think since you posted above, you've posted on our forum (and got an answer - correct me if i'm wrong).

Afaik you don't need a clean install but things in the over-ride folder could be an issue - that said many run without a problem, think it depends on what you've got in there. It would probably be easier to have a separate game folder for Trinity if you run into any issues.

In Trinity news - the new Thug/Swashbuckler Set is being beta tested and we hope to have it in-game soon.
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Brian's new Anthology is nearing completion and he's hoping to have it on Beta very soon (this weekend if possible).

Corgano's new Ur Draxa area is also nearing completion and will be the staging ground for the weekly RP event, the LLC, once it is out of Beta.
Not only is the new Anthology landing chapter by chapter but a class balancing program is underway - we've started on swashbuckler and are moving week by week to each class we feel needs a boost.

On top of that, a new Epic Stat Feat will be available for each attribute at the shard store - players can take not one but two of these awesome new feats.

There's never been a more interesting time to join the Realms of Trinity!
- check us out at
This game may be old, but what has been done to this server brings the game to a whole new level! You can't believe the custom content they have provided! An online Auction house, leveling all the way to 40, weekly DM events. Its amazing! If your looking to play again, I cant recommend this server enough. It really feels like an MMO!
Been a little longer than planned since my post here. The devs at Trinity are busy working away on the spell rewrite and the last chapter of our new anthology, Weapons of War.

With Halloween just around the corner there will be a few DM events to celebrate ;-)
Trinity is still cooking with the dev's working on new areas/quests and a pet companion overhaul.

For those who can't be bothered to read above - Realms of Trinity is a persistent world for Neverwinter Nights 2 that is high magic and high action. RP is welcome but rarely mandatory (unless joining a specific DM's RP event, in which case it will be fairly obvious).

Find out more at
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I just joined the ROT Discord and server today.

Folks were very welcoming and helpful.

I love that I can level up to 40!

I went through the Easy difficulty level quest and grabbed the book one quests and some side quests in town. I visited most of the building I could enter but I missed the town crier's home.

I created my forum account and I am now "Running the Gauntlet"

To celebrate Trinity's 12th year anniversary, we shall be hosting a no. of events over this weekend . Check us out at
In other news Rangers are getting an overhaul and our new EX scaling is in effect (difficulty setting adjustment). Not to mention new feats like Shield Bash and Impale (for spears).

Check us out at
Loving Realms of Trinity so far. Seems to be well documented and at least a few active devs, dms, and players. Recommend you try this PW out.
hi every one
if you are looking for a great games and a wonderfull community.... you find it here with ROT
love that permanent world and all those possibility...
see you the over there
Far and away the only PW to play. I tried a couple of others, but they don't even compare to RoT!

Hey there, very cool experience with RoT in 2023, updates rolling up. Wanna some classic d&d - you won't find better then here !