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Been playing this for a few days now. Wow. My brain is tingling. Loads of good memories playing NWN back in the day. Guess it's time to dig into it again. I think I've found my server ;)

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As a long time roleplayer and lover of NWN I were on the lookout for a game to have fun with my friends. I stumbled upon NWN2 and then searched for a server to play at.
Realms of trinity is a great server, with a lot of friendly players and a load of customization options and rewritten spells, feats and characters.
I will recommend it to any player who like live roleplay and tough challenges

best regards
I must say...amazing that this server can bring so much life to an older game. Looking forward to spend my hours here together with friends and foes :-)



Realms of Trinity is a great server, where you can roleplay and enjoy a great world.



- SekaFon
New player on server. So far it is very decent so I am willing to give it a further try - More indepth review on the modDB page.

It's not hard to see why so many people love playing on this server. A+ custom content and a massive, enjoyable campaign! A few forgivable typos in dialog here and there, but overall very great!
Hey Everyone!,

Just a quick line to say that Trinity is doing a complete overhaul of the entire Spellbook. Arcanes are first on the list and have already entered Live Beta with considerable success. Divines are next and several, very challenging end-game areas are having the finishing touches put to them before being fully connected.

If you really like Neverwinter - you'll absolutely love The Realms of Trinity!
Hi All,

Here in Trinity it will be our 9th year Anniversary on the 6th September - many DM events will be planned for the following weekend (9th & 10th Sep). Feel free to come and join the fun!
Following a very successful open beta (many thanks to our players for such excellent feedback), the Dev's of Trinity have almost completed the Arcane Spellbook re-write and are now starting on the Divine Spellbook. Playing a spellcaster has never felt so Powerful ;)
Trinity has recently re-balanced and improved the Sorcerer and Eldritch Knight classes, giving additional feats and skills. The Red Dragon Disciple will also be getting an overhaul in order to make them re-levellable (an excellent Trinity feature allowing everyone to re-level their characters - because we all make mistakes and we all change our minds).

Learn more at
Seriously guys, your commitment to making a great PW server better than ever is legendary, the custom goodies, the class upgrades, the events, the added content, the list goes on and on. I seriously don't know where you find the time to do it all............... but I'm damn glad you do. Here's to number 10!
Thanks Necroscope!

In more news - Trinity has just released its new Auction House!

Currently operating in open beta, additional features will be added shortly. Access to the AH is through the website Player Portal and you must have your encrypted CD key (found in-game) and be forum registered.

Time to sell some gear! :)
Realms of Trinity will soon be launching a 3rd server instance especially for DM events (good job too as the holiday season is almost upon us and I intent to be running a quite a few events, as I'm sure my fellow DM's will be too - Tis the season to be jolly!).
A belated Happy New Year to all!

Trinity continues to expand with the inclusion of Gnarl Curl - a new set of maps with a bucket load of new mobs to fight. Quests for this area are also in development but in the mean time the area is open to all who have completed the 3 primary campaigns. Be warned - Orcs and Goblins have never been so tough! (and watch out for those Fire Efreeti's - they really hurt).
Happy Easter to everyone!

Trinity is running a few events over the holiday - feel free to come the join the fun @