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This is the best Story Driven Persistent world in the NWN2 community. Give it a Try.
Nivar is my in game handle.
Turjake: This sounds interesting. Maybe I'll give it a try when I've managed to finish the official campaign and the expansions. I've never actually played NWN or the sequel in multiplayer. I suppose it's not quite the same as all the MMORPGs? There seem to be fewer players, which is not necessarily a bad thing.
Its different, but I don't want to spoil it for you so I won't go into more detail than that :)
Ive recently returned to RoT after a long hiatus and I must say the new content has not disappointed. Great attention to detail throughout. Thank you Brian and staff for all your hard work it is really appreciated.
I just started playing this PW after being on a couple of other RP centered PWs in NWN and NWN2. So far I like it a lot!
This is an awesome story driven persistent world for NWN2. The Realms of Trinity (ROT) is deep, complex and great for new and experienced Neverwinter Nights 2 players!

I'm amazed at the effort the group have put in to it and the friendly community of players around it. Great stuff and I really enjoy playing my Warlock in there :-)
I've been playing here for a while now, and I've got to say that it's easily the best PW I've ever played on. The DM's are friendly, the players are always ready to help, and the content is superb. Just goes to show how much NWN2 can still offer so many years on.
Well, we have a wiki site now, so for those that are curious you can always check this out along with our forums to get and idea of the custom content we got:



Features Forum Section
best experience for the price of free you can get in nwn2.

amazing PW multiplayer server. Enhances the nwn2 experience. - maltardir
Haha, great to hear such praises! I should really post an update on here with all of the new stuff that's been happening on the server.
Realms of Trinity is by far the greatest PW for NWN2 I've ever came across. The depth of story, character development, and not to mention the ability to get to level 40! Yes, Realms of Trinity has captivated my attention, and immersed my imagination in way that no other PW has ever done.

The community is also helpful, and always willing to offer tips, tricks, and share information regarding the HUGE 3 campaigns.

Do it. Play it. If you don't, you will never be able to realize just how wonderful the NWN2 engine could be.

aka: Septimus Adderbane
Realms of Trinity has a very engrossing story with plenty of other players to help you with whatever problems you may have.

I have been playing there for a month and a half and people are extremely helpful.

Would recommend playing on ROT to anyone.
Honestly? RoT is amazing. It's like a multiplayer-only expansion pack for NWN2
Server Updates

More Server Optimizations
The server is now(technically) split into two instances. You won't see much of a difference since you're ported from one server to the other automatically(ie, some areas are hosted on the second server and others are on the original). Shouts and tells can be done across servers(ex, you're on server 1 and you can send a tell to someone on server 2).

The point of this is that we now have a lot of memory(ram) to spare(since nwn2 is 32 bits, it was a big problem). We can add more areas, cache scripts & etc without having to grind our teeth.

Permanent Open Beta Server
Players on the beta server get max banked experience and gold to test out their builds before dedicating hours of gameplay to them. This is great for those that are new to the server, and aren’t sure of what builds that they want to play. For more details;

Throwing Weapons
We’ve got a full line of customized throwing weapon skills and weapons. Check it out here;

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Just wanted to post another update here. We've been busy with all sorts of things :D

Wildshape Fixes

We were finally able the get those bonus spell slots on items to transfer to the Wildshape form. Time to unleash the dragon!

Strength Modifier Boost

Since this is a high magic world, two weapon fighters tend to take the helm along with casters. To mend this, we decided to give an additional bonus to damage for each point of invested into strength. The bonus is increased when two handing, and decreased when dual wielding (or when using double weapons).

Traps System Overhaul

Traps scale based on your skills instead of a static value. This means that as long as you have the skills, even an average grade trap can be useful.

Many Other Rogue Changes

Shh, its a secret. Get in game and check it out.


Warlock can now be of any alignment!

Chapter 10 of Campaign 3 Released

I guess this says everything about the amount of content on the server.