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If you're a fan of nwn and/or d&d you should give Realms of Trinity a try. Its a great server with lots of content and an active community. As you can see in this thread developers are constantly improving the realm (content, features, etc.) over the years.

I just started playing, but this is a great Presistant World for NWN2... The campaign is quite well done. Looking to spend a lot of time here! - paraLogiki
Been kicking around Trinity for a while now and its great. Much respect to the staff.
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I just started playing here but this group really makes it easy to love. Friendliest people I've met online in a long time.
Really impressed with Realm of Trinity and its community so far. Pretty awesome people and a great persistent world
I wish I found this sooner. If you have never tried a persistent world before, DO IT. The players are friendly, the content is solid and challenging. A lot of work went in to making this world custom tailored to what players want in a game. Huge customization.

I have recently returned to NWN2, and I can say that Realms of Trinity is as great as ever. In a time when some servers are dying off, RoT is still going strong with many active players. It is a great server for any play style. There is a ton of content, including quite a bit of truly epic (and still challenging) content. It is a great place to play for power gamers and role-players alike. There is even a system to substantially reward good roleplaying.
All in all, I think RoT is the best NWN2 has to offer! Look for me in game. Everyone is very helpful (and sometimes generous) with new players!
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I'm having a great deal of fun in here. I wish I'd found this ages ago.
This is a very awesome mod to a damn good game. Highly recommend this.
Awesome server, easy to learn, involving story, fun RP and if you pick your times, lots of interaction with others!
Always new stuff to see and do, friendly players and staff. Huge amount of existing content, so come along and give it a try!
If you are into old school games... wiat your on GoG.coms forums.. lol Come to Realsm of Trinity! The way the developers of RoT have breathed life in to the olde game will astound even the most finicky FanBoy! I have been playing on and off for years and i can tell you this I am amazed every time i log on!

When ya log on look for KamiHamiHai, I'll show ya the ropes!
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Even if you've uninstalled nwn2 and moved on to the shiny new games on the shelf, Realms of Trinity makes it worth re-installing! So much content! The staff is constantly working at both the module, and the forums. I've played in so many communities over the years, but none stand out like Realms of Trinity. Come check it out!!

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Having played NWN2 religiously for several years before finally getting bored of it an uninstalling it, I am incredibly enthusiastic about the experience offered by ROT. I'm currently trying to sucke- er, I mean convince all my co-workers to pick up NWN2 purely to get them into ROT.


PS - Scorn is absolutely right in telling you to re-install.
I've played ROT for a few months now and I think, without a doubt, it is one the most fun times you could ever have!