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Been playing a little over a month now and it's brought a classic game back to life for me :), much fun!

Just started playing on this PW a few days ago & already I feel right at home. Even after a number of years, the community is still thriving with active Dungeon Masters that hand-craft unique sessions that players can immediately participate in. The world is vast & lovingly detailed. There's a plethora of authentic D&D feats and skills, not included in the base game, that have been added & are routinely balanced. The max cap is 40, with the option to 'epic re-level' which adds additional boons to your character & there's a scaling feature which ensures that battles are always skillfully challenging yet fun & immersive. There's way too many features to list them all, but if you've got an itch for adventure & love the Forgotten Realms campaign setting I would highly recommend checking this out!

Started playing this PW today, already crammed a couple hours into it and it's been really fun. The extra classes seem real neat and hteres a fair number of players online to help you get your bearing starting out.

~Mazuick (Mazuick Horn)
Great server with loads of content. I´ve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Excellent, excellent server. Great rules set, absolutely HUGE campaign(S!!!!) to explore, and the most supportive player base you'll ever find. A dozen thumbs up.

on. man it's been ages since i explored the realms of trinity. forever in fa

I've been playing now for about a month and I really can't recommend Realms of Trinity enough!!
- massive amounts of extra content: new classes (and lots of), new feats, new spells, new monsters and new items (loads - inc. many sets)
- a stunningly EPIC campaign that dwarfs the originals
- an awesome forging system allowing you to create truly Legendary items in every sense of the word whilst still retaining the want and need to find gear with abilities you can't forge
- a great role-playing (RP) system that rewards participation without being mandatory in any way
- fantastic DM's who spice things up and/or run their own events; be that role-playing or monster mashing (ever wanted to take your epic level character into the Abyss and see how hard they really are? Well here the occasional DM will take a party to do just that - WARNING! Demons may be hazardous to your health)
- a friendly, helpful and utterly brilliant community

I'd happily pay the full price of a modern release for this game, it's that good.
To help put it in perspective: I've been eagerly awaiting the release of Warhammer Total War for well over a year now like I don't know what!!...and the day it came out...
I spent 3 hours on it (great game btw) and went straight back to the Realms.

Huge thank you to all those behind Realms of Trinity - really great stuff!

- Addict-Ant
Such a nice server. All the people I've run into so far have been very nice and helpful. There's a ton of extra stuff added, but if you want to just hop in to feel it out, that works too!

I absolutely love the incentive to Role Play through the RP reward system. I also enjoy the EX modes for the extra challenge when things get a little to easy.
I LOVe this server, I took a dungeons and dragons break for a few years to focus on other life things, but coming back and finding this server was gold! Working my way through the campaigns quickly, but they have a ton of content to go through, so I am never bored and it will keep me occupied for quite some time to come! I hear they are still creating more!
Go get NWN2 so you can come to RoT by far the best thing for NWN2 to come along.
Started playing RoT about 2 weeks ago. Already I can say it is one of the best shards I have ever played, including NWN1. Great work on quests, customized classes and feats, items, monsters, crafting and just many things that making a gaming process very comfortable. No lags. Just amazing.
A great server and I recommend it to everyone!
There's no way to describe in words how you can fell playing can find anything that you find in most MMOs PLUS that you're still in a neverwinter enviroment ... can't be better...come see yourself!
I found them on Nexus when I was looking for mods that make game more challenging. I said "why not".

So far I am more than pleased with the experience I had with ROT. Community is helpful and polite. There are events, with nice rewards. You can role-play, you can power-play, whatever floats your boat.

Can't say anything about PvP (yet) because I'm too green to provoke some of those godlike players with a crapload of immunites stacked :) But I'll get there, in time.

Modified campaign looks nice so far. There is a custom crafting system in place, basically more advanced in storyline you are, better items you can craft - and I love this. No more making a wizard just for crafting.

Unless you are a complete moron, any character can become a powerhouse. At high levels are differences, but anything can work, really.

I'm glad I found them.