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A Fighting Fantasy adventure from the mind of Ian Livingstone.

Deathtrap Dungeon, a challenging action game based on the best-selling Fighting Fantasy gamebook by Ian Livingstone, in which you venture into the most dangerous place in the whole realm in search of fame and fortune, is available on, for only $5.99

Hear me, hear me! The distinguished Baron Sukumvit, glorious regent of the city of Fang, protector of the people, defender of no crown, bane of all who dare oppose order, challenges all brave men and women to enter his famous Deathtrap Dungeon! Anyone bold enough to accept this challenge and amuse his Lordship and his noble guests by fighting the demonic deadly denizens of the dungeon, may apply to enter the contest at the city guard office. The challenger who survives all the levels of His Lordship's playground and slays the fierce red dragon Melkor residing in the final chamber, will receive a royal price of no less than 10 000 golden coins and will be allowed to the Fang's throne. So sayeth our beloved ruler, Baron Sukumvit. Hear me, hear me!

Deathtrap Dungeon is a third-person perspective action game that puts you in the middle of a monster-infested, trap-filled maze created with the sole purpose of torturing adventurers for the amusement of nobility. As the brave warrior Bandog, or Red Lotos the fierce Amazon, you will fight a variety of over 50 monsters with your vast selection of fantastic weaponry and magic spells. You'll be also solving various puzzles in order to continue your journey into the depths of the maze, where your ultimate enemy awaits. Based on the popular Fighting Fantasy gamebook by Ian Livingstone, Deathtrap Dungeon presents an unprecedented challenge and rewarding gameplay, while fulfilling this story's destiny which has always been becoming a video game!

Accept the Baron's challenge and, keeping in mind the gold and power that can be yours, boldly step into the ominous Deathtrap Dungeon, for a small entry fee of only $5.99 on
tinyE: I don't want to ruffle any feathers here but has anyone noticed that by posting about how annoying it is to see the thread full complaint post that you are in turn filling the thread with complaint post?
You got me there!

Whatever, if people want to autistically repeat the exact same phrase every time a new release doesn't strike their fancy I'll just grit my teeth and leave it be from now on.
It doesn't look like a good game. Is it's appearance deceiving?
After having a further look at this game and some gameplay footage I have to say, this looks like something that I will enjoy

"Figure out how to get out of XYZ" along the lines of "Survive and Find secrets"

Will pick this up someday for sure
This doesn't look very interesting to me, but I have to say that my mind was blown by GOG pretty well lately. Many releases in April were a very pleasant surprise to me. All in all, I am happy with how GOG is doing and I hope it's going to be even better.
the thing is that what suits one taste, won't necessarily be interesting to others. I think we should be a bit more patient, sooner or later there will be more games matching everyone's fancy.
Have fun all and stay cool ^^
Risingson: Gog: the only place where they could release "Descent to Undermountain" and people would say that it is a great game. GOG has a really good catalog, but this is one of the most avoidable games of them all.

Let's hope that Drakkan and Ashgan are released as well.
Yes, I want Descent to Undermountain, so others can relive the pain :D Anyway, you go and play Dungeon Lords MMXII, then come back and tell me that DTU is a bad game xD
I still have my original Limited Edition.
This game has not aged well. I wonder if they're any mods that might remedy that?
TomNook: I still have my original Limited Edition.
This game has not aged well. I wonder if they're any mods that might remedy that?
I haven't looked for mods but you can run it in higher resolutions using nglide_config.exe in the installation folder (change the aspect ratio to 4:3 unless you want everything to stretch and look fat).
Hm, I watched the gameplay in This Week on GOG and it seems I always sucked in Deathtrap Dungeon gamebook. I always thought there is a lot of very tough fights in this one, but apparently it was because I was never able to find flamethrower. I need to read it again some time and try to find it to finally fry the dinosaurus.
Hillsy_: It would have been better if you just released the book. The book is actually one of the best FF's in the 50+ series, the game on the other hand being the exact opposite end of the scale.
xxxIndyxxx: Yup i did read/play that book since a local library had a few of them. This is probably the only one i can remember.
These thing should be perfect on an Ipad
House of Hell, Deathtrap Dungeon, Warlock of Firetop Mountain, Freedom Fighters, Creature of Havoc, Island of the Lizard King, some of the good ones. You can pickup some of these as paperbook games such as, Talisman of Death and the already mentioned Warlock of Firetop Mountain on the ipad, PS3 etc..
I definitely remember the Fighting Fantasy book this is based on from back in public school, but never tried the video game of it. There are a few others in the series (Warlock of Firetop Mountain and Talisman of Death) more recently released as minis on the PS3/PSP, and they're designed more like the books rather than a hack & slash adventure. I may eventually pick Deathtrap Dungeon up for the nostalgia, but mostly I find it amusing that it even exists.
How wonderful this looks campared to graphics back from the PSX... Soul Reaver, now this, difference is like HD in eyes of former PSX gamer. ;-)

Now only O.D.T. - Escape...Or Die Trying to get here because effects with PSX emulator are rather questionable and it's more balanced game in terms of rpg and puzzle elements. Also has six characters. I remember Deathtrap Dungeon from demo and first several levels of full version, it wasn't the gameplay what was hard, but clumsy gamepad controls.
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