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This is a test. Stay calm and buy game series bundles.

Let's try something new. We know that users love to have complete collections of game series on their shelves. There's nothing nicer than a row of virtual boxes containing every single game from a series that you hold dear. We appreciate the completionist approach--after all we try our best to have a complete collection of the best games in history in our offer (and we'll never stop following that goal). So, we thought that we might as well make completing a whole game series on easier and more rewarding. Introducing: Game Series Bundles on!

We offer you the chance to get various complete game series with a 15% up to 55% off discount. If a game belongs to such series, you will find a new button on the game page, which lets you buy a bundle that includes the whole series instead of a single title. It will also display how much you'll save on that deal. If you already own a game from that series, you can still complete the bundle, getting the missing games with the discount. The discount rate is flat, only applies when you get the whole bundle, and varies from series to series.

Just go to any game from the series that grabs your attention to find the new "buy series" button right under the regular "add to cart" button. Once you click it, the games you're missing from the series (whether it's all of them or even just one) will be added to your shopping cart with a discount applied.

Please keep in mind--this is something we're just testing now. If it turns out that this sort of deal is popular with you and that it makes sense for us, we'll keep the Game Series Bundles as a permanent site feature and work towards adding more of them to our offer. For the time being, you get the bundle deals on all the series mentioned below:

7th Guest Bundle :
The 7th Guest + The 11th Hour
($16.98, save $3.00, discount of 15%)

Alone in the Dark bundle:
Alone in The Dark 1+2+3 + Alone in The Dark: New Nightmare
($10.18, save $1.80, discount of 15%)

Atlantis Bundle:
Atlantis: The Lost Tales + Atlantis 2: Beyond Atlantis + Atlantis 3: The New World
($20.77, save $5.20, discount of 20%)

Gabriel Knight Bundle:
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers + Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within + Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned
($14.37, save $3.60, discount of 20%)

Journeyman Project Bundle:
The Journeyman Project 2 + The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time
($10.18, save $1.80, discount of 15%)

King's Quest Bundle:
King's Quest 1+2+3 + King's Quest 4+5+6 + King's Quest 7+8
($20.97, save $9.00, discount of 30%)

Longest Journey Bundle:
The Longest Journey + Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
($21.23, save $3.75, discount of 15%)

Little Big Adventure Bundle:
Little Big Adventure (Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure) + Little Big Adventure 2 (Twinsen's Odyssey)
($9.58, save $2.40, discount of 20%)

Phantasmagoria Bundle:
+ [url=]Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh
($13.58, save $2.40, discount of 15%)

Runaway Bundle:
Runaway: A Road Adventure + Runaway 2: The Dream of the Turtle + Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate
($26.77, save $13.20, discount of 30%)

Sam & Max Bundle:
Sam & Max Save the World + Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space + Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
($42.72, save $52.25, discount of 55%)

Simon the Sorcerer Bundle:
Simon the Sorcerer + Simon the Sorcerer 2 + Simon the Sorcerer 3D
($14.37, save $3.60, discount of 20%)

Space Quest Bundle:
Space Quest 1+2+3 + Space Quest 4+5+6
($16.98, save $3.00, discount of 15%)

Still Life Bundle:
Still Life + Still Life 2
($23.97, save $6.00, discount of 20%)

Syberia Bundle:
+ [url=]Syberia 2
($16.98, save $3.00, discount of 15%)

Tex Murphy Bundle:
Mean Streets + Martian Memorandum + Under a Killing Moon + The Pandora Directive + Tex Murphy: Overseer
($25.16, save $10.50, discount of 30%)

Wadjet Eye Adventures:
+ [url=]Blackwell Bundle + Gemini Rue
($27.97, save $7.00, discount of 20%)

Zork Bundle:
The Zork Anthology + Return to Zork + Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands + Zork: Grand Inquisitor
($16.72, save $7.20, discount of 30%)
id also love a Myst bundle....

MkidTrigun: Already own a few of these from previous sales, but implementing this is a great idea IMO.

Now if we could only get a Myst bundle going... *WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE*
Has GOG stopped offering the bundles or something? I can't seem to buy any of the bundles, there's just no "buy series" option.
It seems that it's over...That's a pity
If this failed, I think GOG has themselves to blame. They did a really poor job of marketing this effort--until this thread got bumped, I'd totally forgotten that they were doing this.
Where are the retroactive refunds/credit for past purchasers?