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What I'm interested in:
Classic Naval Combat Pack (4,99€)
Timelines: Assault on America (1,39€)

Chaos Overlord ($1.79)
Feeble Files ($1.79)

What I have to offer
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Have: Broken Age
Want: Ether One Deluxe

I'll add 9.99 chosen game to BA :-)

Or make an offer (GOG games only) :-)
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Little Big Adventure 2

Would like to have:
Sin Gold
Hitman 2
Hitman 3
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For trade
Shadow Man (GOG)
Capitalism 2 (GOG)

Deadly Premonition (GOG) from the insomnia sale
Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes (GOG) from the insomnia sale
Deus Ex 2

Flatout 1 & 2
Red Faction 1 & 2
Interstate '82
Kings Quest 7&8

Thank you Gnostic for your generous gift :) KUDOS!+++++++++++++++++9
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Updated list

edit: thanks for the trade, TParis!
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Aarklash (GOG)


Valdis Story (GOG) + Theme Park (GOG)
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I have a copy of Dynasty Warriors 8 Extreme Legends on Steam
I bought one copy and my friend got me a code for another one.
Since I cant use both of the keys I would like to trade it for around 13TF2 keys (the price I have payed for it).
Anybody has "Quest for Glory 1-5" for sale?
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Thanks to Tekkaman-James for a good trade.
Niggles: Want

Valdis Story (GOG) + either Theme Park (GOG) or
...or? ;p
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I would really love to get a copy of Valdis Story (GOG) as it seemed to elude me at every turn during this sale.

I don't have anything in particular to trade, but would be willing to grab something from either the remainder of the Insomniac Sale or the Weekend Sale totaling up to $3.50-ish to match Valdis' sale price. I keep track of the sale while at work, on my phone on the drive home, and at home. Plus, I am off the next two days, so I can devote myself to catching something in the Insomniac Sale if you can't or don't want to.

While I am new to GOG, I did just successfully complete a trade with Fuin, as he mentioned above.

Please send me a PM if you are willing to make a trade. Thanks!

EDIT: Thanks a million to Grargar for a smooth and speedy trade!
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Thank you for the smooth trade, Tekkaman-James.
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