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Banned for using too many Ts.
Mr. Titus, thee art banned to the totally terrestrial planet Tititititititit, home to titanic testy titties.

Never-mind, you wouldn't like it, there's too many Ts.
Post edited June 16, 2021 by MichaelD.965
Banned because I also banned someone for having a braggadocious bosom.
Banned for bragging about your bosom.
banned for dragging your saggy bosoms
^ banned for banning yourself
^ Banned for violating the recently introduced ethics statute regarding double posting, which i totally did not just make up.
Banned because rules are always made up on the spot anyway.
Banned for not referencing the Necronomi-ban, the timeless, eternal grimoire.
Banned for not playing the underrated Necronomicon.
Banned for underrating Necronomicon.
And all banned because I am tired!
Banned everyone because, what's become of my post???
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Banned for having a massive banning tantrum. I like to call it a "bantrum".
Banned for banning everyone, single-handedly ending the forum. Get some energy drink! There's one that can give you wings, so maybe you can fly returning to Earth.

InSaintMonoxide: Banned for having a massive banning tantrum. I like to call it a "bantrum".
Banned, because ninjas must've been cheating with their posting speed.
Post edited June 16, 2021 by le_chevalier
banned because ninjas will ninja... it's what they do
Banned, because ninjas are without honour, we only want noble samurai in our forum.