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banned for banning while wearing a skin-tight bandex suit
Banned for banning while being naked(a beard doesn't count as an item of clothing.)
^ banned for peeking
Banned for making a cameo on Life of Brian as the hermit.
Banned and sent to gladiator school for insulting my good friend Biggus Dickus.
banned for reminding me of his wife, Incontinentia
banned cause you showed his wifes sister inconsistencia your big logic
Banned because apart from medicine, irrigation, health, roads, cheese and education, baths and the Circus Maximus, what have the Romans ever done for us?
Banned because they also invented high-profile plagiarism with their mythology!
banned for not mentioning the ancient Romans' plagiarism of many of the architectural features invented by the ancient Greeks
Shrug-banned, I don't deep-dive ancient architecture.
Banned for wearing a pleather jacket and imitating the Fonz.
Banned for creating a Fonzi scheme.
banned because you Madeoff with all the money
Banned for exposing your Anthony Weiner.