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Banned because a circular saw is really the only tool you need.
Banned for promoting running amok with power tools, exactly like the kids in Bob's Burgers.
Banned for giving Bob the crazy ideas for his burgers with weird names.
banned cause you ordered the "i've bean banned" burger (comes with beans)
Banned for licking the mold.
Banned for using a mould to make artificial tongues.
low rated
Banned for promoting prosthetic devices in a non-aug thread
(also so that the thread gets another shiny red mark via my post)
Banned for failing to provide a marking licence.
Banned for oppressing an enterprising young entrepeneur with unnecessary regulations.
Banned for going against the German state line that any regulations might be unnecessary. (but given extra marks for unnecessary redundancy)
Banned for not optimising inefficiencies with the unnecessary.
low rated
Banned for visiting the central bureaucracy one too many times ;)
(that's a futurama reference, for those unfamiliar with what i'm saying)
Banned for copyrighting a reference from a show

DMCA, DMCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Banned because it's fun to stay at the DMCA.
Banned because I suspect you have something to do with Hooyaah's disappearance. TELL ME WHERE HE IS!