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Banned, because your species likes to get too comfortable inside a pot filled with tepid water, slowly boiled.
^ banned for turning up the heat on albinistic
Le chevy, you're banned for spreading a myth; frogs will always leap out of water that gets too hot.

Hooyaah, you're banned for having too low of a consonant-to-vowel ratio in your name.
Banned for not telling what happened to the other 964 MichaelDs.
Banned because the number is like a cyborg body: I didn't ask for this.
Banned, for being a cyborg.
banned for liking pineapple on pizza
Banned for wearing pants probably.
Banned because I want to know why pants are different than shirts.
Banned for not doing your own research.
Banned because now that I have a properly-designed X-Wing, Poe's over-sized black version with the wings that need to be held up will be disassembled.
Banned for posting something to which I have nothing interesting to reply.
^ Banned, for banning users for the sake of banning them, which is cynical.
Banned, because you could try to ask some Japanese for some sake.
Banned for not mentioning sochu.