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banned for because you did not forsake sake for Pete for Pete's sake, as he prefers Pete's Brand Sake
banned beacause always here when I come to partipate in some thread, really too talkative.
J Lo is banned for reminding me of Sonichu and the cursed mind that bore it.
banned and fork it over, for not having banned forkakova
banned for putting polish potatoes in your pockets
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Banned for polishing potatoes.
Banned for learning potato recipes from De Agri Cultura.
Banned, because this behaviour, *bangs fist on the table* THIS BEHAVIOUR, will not be tolerated.
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Banned for disturbing the silence. "Be quiet, this is library"
banned for going bananas while eating nuts
^ Banned, for not mentioning (for allergics) that the nuts may contain nuts.
Banned for asking if I want to get nuts, and then getting nuts.
^ the three previous posters should be banned for going nuts posting comments involving nuts

(WARNING: this post may contain nuts, any who are or who may be allergic to nuts should not consume it)
Banned for smuggling virtual nuts onto his posts
banned for having the nuts to ban me for such a thing