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Banned for presumably being very ugly, since you're always keeping that helmet on and never showing us your face.
Banned for jumping to conclusions.
Banned, for concluding that he jumped
Banned for getting hit by a truck and then suing for enough money that you can start a business to sell your Jump-to-Conclusions Mat.
Banned for making a reference to a hilarious movie.
Banned, for not mentioning the name of the movie
Banned for disrespecting Optimus Prime, Minister!
Banned for overachieving in the art of Banning.
Banned for underachieving in the art of Banning.
Banned, for unexciting, generic reasons
Banned for not recognizing a reference to Office Space when you read it.
Banned for not using Microsoft Office in outer space.
^ Banned for spacing out and letting someone steal your Microsoft Office
Banned for stealing the space in MicrosoftOffice.
Banned, because Microsoft has no more office space.