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Banned for cutting ling in half.
Banned for coddling the halfling ling, who deserved to become a quarterling.
Banned for spearheading a fraction faction.
Banned for dreaming while smoking. It's a dangerous action that can cause a fire.
It was a demand that you be banned, it wasn't planned and I don't understand
Banned for getting sand on your hands.
Banned, for breaking my hourglass
Banned for being a pessimist, it is still half full.
Banned for being an Optimus. The Autobots are a very positive bunch.
Banned, because this thread is Naughtabot Autobots, it's abot banning
Banned because I have a memory leak and Windows crashed, and every time I check the stupid updates have been re-enabled without my permission and I have to disable them again and restart, which is all getting REALLY annoying!
Banned for not plugging your leaks with bandages. I was cut yesterday and leaked blood all over my desk.
Banned because that's bubblegum.
Banned for selling blood flavoured bubble gum to vampires.
Banned, because you had to bite your lip when you posted that, didn't you?