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Banned, because you are not authorized to ban anyone in this thread, you are merely to answer the question, "Why the person above you should be banned"
Banned because I gave authorization back to him, and he banned you also, so you're double-banned!

P.S.: Is that a different person than GameRager?
Post edited July 23, 2020 by HeresMyAccount
Banned because you could have made an educated guess by looking at his rep, but did not.
Post edited July 24, 2020 by StarChan
low rated
Banned for possibly maybe perhaps insulting his intellect

HeresMyAccount: P.S.: Is that a different person than GameRager?
Changed name to stymie the ones abusing my rep for a bit...and to try a new name out.
Banned for going over the speed limit on a high way.
Banned, because Gameracer is a professional race car driver, he may drive as fast as he wants, and people who don't get out of his way have only themselves to blame.
Banned because he was using a formula one race car to chase hedgehogs.
Banned for rolling over hedgehogs to tickle them on their tummies.
Banned, because NessAndSonic just wanted to try that Sonic's costume.
Banned and thrown in the brig.... just following orders, sir!

Banned for not using a dungeon.
Banned for not using a dragon.
Banned for missing the letters RAS in BRASH.
Banned because I was bored.
Banned because I was excited.