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low rated
Banned because you seem to be a little TOO excited o.0
Banned because you fail to properly worship your cats.
Banned for potentially making the comment into an innuendo.
Banned for coming from a country with two different places as its name.
Post edited July 24, 2020 by Vingry
Banned, because the country's founding fathers were proud of its two most important things: trinity and tobacco.
Banned for knowing so much and even more but not too much about some country's founding fathers especially as they have gone into hiding.....
Banned for saying that you're hot footing it, when you're clearly hot facing it.
Banned, because you discarded your chewing gum on a public walkway
Banned because I miss Bazooka Joe and his comics.
Banned, because you may find he and his pals here!
GameRacer: Banned for adding words I have to look up to your post :D

MaceyNeil: Going out in 'style'.
GameRacer: I hope you're truly not trying to net a REAL ban. :(
Naw just making it realistic that 'they' would get banned yet still tongue in cheek hence 'felony jaywalking'.
I mean what even would be 'felony' level jaywalking? lol
Also in continuing the thread Hooyah would be banned for fraud, impersonating a mythical celebrity.
Banned for impersonating new users.
Banned for no one one impersonates new users. That's just absurd.
Banned for being clone that was born yesterday.
^ Banned... for cloning ZyloxDragon from a small remnant of DNA found on one of her scales