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Banned for not using a Post-it note.
Banned for not pinning the picture Vinry drew for you on your refrigerator.
Banned because who roused me from my slumber?!
Banned for hosting slumber parties in your basement.
Banned for supplying the slumber party with Kool-Aid, to help them rest more easily.
Banned for accidentally throwing a lumber party
Banned for causing flannel overload.
Banned for being the flannel overlord!
Banned for wearing raggedy flannel instead of the good stuff.
Banned for having a raggedy Anne doll.
^ banned for being too rough with Andy's toy cowboy
Banned for showing everyone that you're getting along with your rival, only to accidentally reveal that the rival's hand is being held by yours behind the wall and only confirm that you actually murdered him.
^ banned for citing this song as a reason to believe that the Son of God is named "Andy"
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Banned for believing that Andy Warhol's father is God.
^ banned, because when God called Andy Warhol on the phone, the renowned visual artist had naught to say to Him