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Banned because I didn't know people ate samosas with steak. My nephew has a birthday party this weekend, so I'll be eating the former very soon.
^ banned for not knowing that certain religious beliefs held by a majority of the people of India (regarding bovine animals) exclude the aforementioned beast from menu selections
Banned for boring me with bovine belly blockades in Bollywood.
banned, because there is naught anyone could post that you would be chuffed to bits about
Banned for excessive chuffing - that's the second time you've chuffed today!
Banned for having earned the anti-chuffing badge at the boy scouts.
Banned for getting an anti-boy badge at the Chuff Scouts.
Banned for forgetting that today you're taking the "How to read minds" class, and your mind tells me you're not ready even if you said you are.
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Banned for invading my privacy,
Banned because I have the permit right here! *hands out the "Enter J Lo's castle for 2 days" pass*
^ banned because that pass expired two days ago, while J Lo was absent from his fortress
Banned because I'm sorry, that was the old one. Here's the newer one which I got today. *Shows the same kind of pass, but updated*
Banned because the princess is in another castle.
Banned because ummm... I'm here for trading purposes.
^ banned for not mentioning that the interloper has thirty more levels to complete first