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Banned for trying to be inoffensive.
Banned for trying to expose the indefensible.
Banned because the two of us should be asleep at this hour.
Combo banned both above for sleeping too much.
Banned for being the sleep police
Banned for tricking cheaply.
Banned because I've been struggling with this question: if I became the god of bans, would I be a benevolent god, or a vengeful one?
Banned, for being so far removed from your own character
Banned for not making his explanation into a philosophical point and wrongful conclusions.
Banned for limiting his wrongful conclusions to philosophy.
Banned because your time is dreamtime
Banned because prime time is any time.
Banned, because StarChan's prime time is "Dreamtime"
Banned for banning based off of an older post
Banned in Euros. You'll have to calculate the conversion to US currency yourself.