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Banned because that's just so wrong.

You can do it in multiple smaller containers (like lunchboxes) if you separate the body with a cleaver. This will save money.
Banned, because a cleaver is old-fashioned and low-tech, just put the body through a meat grinder.
Banned because minced meat is terrible; why not work with carefully cut, properly tenderized and masterfully spiced animal body parts, instead?
Banned, you sick sick people! I'll wager that y'all even like This Song.
Banned for trying to derail our discussion, because that's a song about school shootings, we were talking about cannibalism/best ways to dispose of bodies.
Banned because both are equally bad.
Banned, because that's quite hypocritical coming from a guy who makes his living in gladiatorial combat...I doubt you let your opponent live when the emperor makes the thumbs down.
Banned, because "Dinner's in the kitchen and it's packed in ice."
Banned for eating frozen food - it's too cold! But ice cream is good.
Banned because sorbet is better than ice-cream, especially the homemade types from natural product
Banned for expensive tastes. You should be grateful for snow cones. You can grab a traffic cone and fill it with snow covering the road.
Banned, for not filling the traffic cone with yellow snow for KiNgBrAdLeY7
Banned for killing the traffic cone and making the snow red.
Banned for running grandma over by a reindeer during May.
Banned for stealing empty pc games boxes from gamestop.