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People trying to split hairs,just to end up looking a fool.
Woke up to rainy weather
Surely not being alive. Oops, wrong topic.
congrats to Seth, Becky, and Kofi. :D
Collected some accurate info, really fast at that; damn, that type of footwork is so easy, with technology and modern methods widely available! They can't hide anything from me. It's as if i never really left, or that i am still present around them... Damn, even i feel creepy with myself, sometimes! Ultimately, party will be silent, pleasant and for two, not nasty, noisy and for many, if i succeed in my endeavor this time. One does not simply take away "stars" from me
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Starting 5 Days Deep Learning Challenge.
Finding out that I do not owe the government any money for last year's tax return.
i picked the NCAA winner

in a few minutes I'll be mentioning in the "bitch about life" thread that I failed to put any money on it. :P
I located the treasure, the prize i was looking for! <3

Now, to lay siege... Or infiltrate!
New Zealand Parliament votes 119-1 to ban assault weapons.
Achieved a slightly better result, this time round! And that settles it; i am not greedy. Besides, soon i am going to reset and retry. Try my luck elsewhere, too. One does not simply defeats/double-crosses/stops me.
The Masters.
Yesterday I was less depressed than the days before. I cleaned and tidied up my house together with the household help, did some trucking in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and installed Grim Dawn, Van Helsing III and Mad Max, feeling like trying out some new games. And today, besides the usual sigh I'm tired of life, it wasn't really that bad: did some more trucking and Grim Dawn, bought and wrote birthday cards (there's three birthdays mid april: my sister, her daughter and a friend of mine). This afternoon the monthly meeting at work and then weekend. Though with work being less busy lately, I found out I'm more rested, but at the same time I have more spare time and thus more time for mulling, so I feel less tired, but more down because there's too much space in my head to worry about life, the lack of meaning in it and bad things going on in the world, like plastic soup in the ocean and climate change and the guilt of knowing I contribute to it. Even though it's less than average with bringing my own bags when buying vegetables, not driving a car nor flying, using wind energy, it's not zero.

TL;DR: less down is a positive thing, but there's still some bitching above - wrong topic by half?
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I have a story that's doing really well on reddit and Pathway was released. So I feel really nice today :).