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I am still addicted to Tales of Maj'Eyal. Seriously, I got more playtime out of this game than anything else :D

Been playing around with the Cursed class and the Demonologist :D
Closing in on the end of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (original edition), and starting the campaign in Age of Wonders. Among others.
KKND2 Krossfire mostly, nice retro RTS game. Sometimes X-Wing, I remember now well why I liked the game so much back in the 90s.
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I bought Waking Mars on GOG a few weeks ago and i have been addicted to it. The game isn;t the best i have ever played but if you can get about an hour into it the story line begins to pick up and goes well with the game play. :)
Currently casually playing Etherlords 2 and Sanctuary RPG. Vastily different games, but offer that play for however long you want feel. My initial impressions are that Etherlords 2 has some nice adventuring and a good but tedious combat mechanic. The randomness of the combat really puts a fresh take with all battles thus far and the somewhat open world feel in the adventuring is nice such as picking and chosing who you fight (to an extent) and exploring the map at one's pace. Sanctuary has a unique chain combat system and I started to jot down notes as the various traits my characters has (so many perks from the get go!) as to make my stat upgrades synergize to an extent. I also appreciate the awesome humor in the game! Still taking baby steps so far with these games because of life duties and the itch to long read a book I have, but worthwhile game experiences so far!
I got Morroblivion running! The frame rate is a little meh at times, but still, it's nice to be able to run and have a easy way to see your objectives, etc, etc. etc. I had to put the game down last time because I couldn't stand the interface and such.
AvP 2. No one is happier than I about the 1st one coming here and I doubt anyone enjoyed playing it as much as me, but #2 is simply better. Indeed, they improved on near perfection; hats off to those guys.
wildstar. i love this thing:

"Oh !@#$, you leveled up!"

Laughed a bit at that.
Dead State, pretty cool so far.
I liberated (actually borrowed) an unused laptop running XP that had been gathering dust in the basement at work. It's the first time I've had Windows at home in about 6 years.

I had all of Sierra at my grasp. I chose Space Quest 1. Though I still remember some of the puzzles from like 25+ years ago or something, yes, I died several times before earning a single point. :)
Endless legend.
Splitting time between Icewind Dale:EE, Dwarfs!?, and Talisman:DE. I am supplementing my usual winter diet of Dwarf Fortress with other dwarven-scented treats. and iron.
Lost Viking, one of my favourite game from my childhood. I'm glad to discover it lost almost nothing with age, the gameplay is still fun, well thought out, and the level design is very clever. It's only slightly annoying how long some of the later levels get, replaying them gets tedious once you solved the puzzle, but failed some platforming bit. Still, a great game. I mean, in how many games can you get insulted by Thor himself if you fail a level enough times?
Alpha Prime. Finally came back to it after a couple weeks break and was quickly reminded why I had put it down. Besides the usual annoyances I just noticed that getting hit with the butt of a weapon melee style does more damage than getting shot. The minimum damage you can receive from a gunshot is around 3 health and seems to average between 5 and 15 per shot, the average damage from a melee strike is between 20 and 30. Oh...okay Alpha Prime, I'm sure that makes sense somehow in your universe...
Two Worlds. I just spent a good ten minutes fighting a grizzly bear. Just one of its attacks would wipe out 95% of my health bar but I didn't die once, but to be fair that can be attributed to it losing interest in me multiple times more than my awesome skills. I really should start spending my skill points...