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DreamedArtist: Playing max payne 1 from humble sale, ah how I miss this old game so damn much.
tinyE: I forgot I bought that. :P
Are you running it WideScreen? How does it look?
I had to apply a screen patch and resolution patch for it to work right but it looks perfect and not stretched at all at 4k

It's worth the 1 dollar in every way.

Here is what it looks like fixed to run on modern resolution
Post edited February 06, 2018 by DreamedArtist
Just started "Creepy Little Things" level of Vaporum.
Thank God there are still people who love and respect the ancient genre of dungeon crawler!
deep space waifu: FLAT JUSTICE VERSION

Funny little shooter, as good as the first DSW. Gotta strip 'em all! :D
I've been playing a lot Planet Coaster recently, it reminiscent of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 in many ways. I really enjoy it and with steam workshop, there's no limit for the creativity. I do, however, miss the water parks of RCT3.
Sword of the Stars: The Pit. Turn-based Rogue-something, I guess. First one of these that I've played. Grind-fest, since it seems you're playing at the mercy of the random number generator in some key regards, notably in finding recipes for crafting. Simple mechanics. Inventory-heavy. Has run flawlessly so far, with not a glitch or bug that I've noticed. I'm enjoying it for now but I think it's going to get old playing over and over, in order to acquire enough recipes to make a viable run at higher difficulty levels. At least the recipes carry over from one run to the next.
Morrowind... It only took a decade and a half, but I finally have a system powerful enough to run the version I've always wanted.

Seriously, damn you timeslip for making a game from 2002 unplayable on anything but modern systems ;P Totally worth the wait though.
Went back to KOTOR and finished off the main quest in Manaan, which is probably my favorite section of the game. I like the idea of a neutral but strategically vital nation in which Republic and Sith soldiers have to unhappily co-exist in the same area, and the Lovecraftian horror stuff happening on the ocean floor gives the game a nice kick. It's the kind of "same Star Wars but just a little different" stuff that the new movies really ought to be trying.

I guess I'll go ahead and get Kashyyk out of the way next. IIRC that section is my least favorite of the four planets...
"You have cleansed the Den of Evil. You've earned my trust and may yet restore my faith in humanity. I cannot tell...what, you want a health potion? What, do I look like the fucking Red Cross!? I work for a living goddammit! You want something from me, show me some gold asshole, or get lost!"

just bought tales of monkey island and commandos here today and looking forward to playing them
bakerman34: commandos
ever played it?
years ago on a windows 98 pc
Every now and then, I'll run areas in Diablo 2 not so much to find uniques, but rather to grab any gems or runes that drop along the way. I had two such sessions today, so I managed to free up some backpack/stash space by upgrading gems and runes. It's unfortunate that I'm a packrat; I refuse to throw away stuff unless I'm really desperate. I might run the Chaos Sanctuary next since I need to use up some Full Rejuv potions, as well.
I just finished Oxenfree the second time. It is an amazing game/world/story. I am still living the feeling. The game has an indescribable atmosphere...
Elminage Gothic
After 68 hours' adventure, finally my adventures have beaten the final boss.
He was quite tough opponent... I had to use the special spell to all members' AC to -20 by cause of 1 level drain.
After that, it is quite easy to beat him. but the HP of my alchemist (being class changed from a Magician. By the way, old Summoner also became a Bishop for identifying items) became 50(other members are 250 - 300) by effect of level drain.
I'll still play the game for the ex-ending dungeons.
tinyE: *snip*
What game is that if at all?