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The scene from The Queen's Gambit.
360 no scope in a slow shining replay
That we almost immediately notice sudden change while often fail to notice gradual change over time.
Mr. Clean
Everyone looking at their memories in their final moments
fish bait
Futuristic venom Spiderman
"Why is this classified as forum game? This is a serious thread..." - said the toad.
A living shadow that has no shadow of its own.
Raging at a game. "Test the wrath of my crossbow technological thing" said the knight as he pulled out a crossbow while leaping off of his chair
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A frog inside a boiling pan, being boiled, feeling comfortable taking a hot water bath.
A man staring at a frog's death and torture in a boiling point and wanting to end it instantly with an arrow
Kermit the frog before his plastic surgery.
Bald eagles are the ultimate thrill fetishists, they mate in mid-air. It's like the male is one of those refueling planes.
Fist of Jesus