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Beauty Queen...

Also, I forgot to ask, 5 whole pages before (sorry about that), is it my idea or Snowkatt's new avatar, is the same person depicted in it as that Streets of Rage modder's, "CajNatalie"?
Post edited February 21, 2016 by KiNgBrAdLeY7
That black metal band that I always have trouble to understand what's saying.
The mothership's exploding in Independence Day
Futuristic Rogue Trooper.
Nintendogs Steam Edition
That annoying Cartoon Network animated tv series
One of those very sexy (female obviously) fighters from the brand new street fighter game!
Computer addicted cat being held by its loyal servant
Woody Woodpecker.
Flee from what you cannot fight!
True King Bradley is the this smug cat! You can see pet's hand a little as well.
Wot? Another X'xcha?

Fetch me the dreadnought, looks like mecatol rex isn't quite mine yet!