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A pair of futuristic wings worn by a planet? I guess it makes sense in context...
<span class="bold">this</span>
Max Headroom's sister.
some squirrel- raccoon hybrid creature
A war(m).
Grargar: A war(m).
World of Warcraft - specifically Sholazar Basin where I got my green drake
high rated
Someone that I hope hasn't been given anti-freeze in their drinks.
a baby after being at the neverland ranch
The Hal 9000 in drag.
Someone with a furry fetish.
Someone with a pony fetish.
A terrible cartoon targeted at hipsters and adolescents who make up the worst sections of my generation.
A metaphor for a arsehole.
A racoon I saw sleeping in the middle of the road earlier.
A dovecote emblem.